Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tailgate Roundtable - the center situation

Day two. Here's yesterday discussion on the quarterbacks.

Perhaps more importantly, who snaps the ball to the eventual starting quarterback?

AHD - I think Wynn gets the nod. He's a soph and had two great guards in Kublanow and Pyke to help him when he needs it. Long will provide valuable back up. 

Robert - When I look at starters returning on the offensive line for any team, I look at the center position.  This IS an important question.  I guess they are looking at Kublanow, Wynn, and Long in that order.  We have been lucky recently with injuries along the offensive line.  They do have the luxury of Wynn and Kublanow playing at guard, so that will play a role in the decision of starting center once they see which unit works best together.  If they stay injury free along the offensive line, it will probably be Kublanow with Wynn at guard.  It seems like there is a lack of depth along the line, with only 6-7 guys that can really contribute.  An injury to any position would really shake things up.

BDB - I think Wynn gets the nod too. But I'm satisfied either way. Hearing great things about Coach Sale. Hopefully whoever he goes with has the same fire in his belly that Ben Jones and David Andrews had.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Your 2015 SEC Helmet Schedule - the jorted edition

If you prefer this edition of the helmet schedule, make sure you follow @ugakerri. Damn Goood Dawg doing work in the Big Apple.

Other than that, click, embiggen, save, share, and what have you. Go Dawgs!

Tailgate Roundtable - the quarterback situation

I asked Robert and AthensHomerDawg some questions. We'll feature one a day and today we start under center.

Let's start this series off with the million dollar question(s) - Who starts at quarterback against Louisiana-Monroe, why, and will he (barring injury) be the starter the whole season?

AHD - Ramsey seems to get the most love. He certainly has gotten more game reps. I thought Bauta had the better spring game (for what that is worth). He went through his progressions well and looked pretty smooth all in all. Park is gone. Was surprised he didn't get more reps in the spring. He was a great scout team qb from what I heard. He's gone now. I don't expect to see the new qb playing.............I believe his transfer was more about depth than any perceived lack of talent already here. 

Robert - You asked me this question a few months ago, and I said Jacob Park.  I guess I will take another shot at it.  First of all, I am not buying for one second that we were just looking at other quarterbacks because of numbers.  They didn’t consider Everett Golson and bring in Greyson Lambert just to get numbers.  They brought them in because they aren’t satisfied with what they have seen from the candidates that were already on campus.  It may be lack of preparation, lack of work ethic, lack of size, or lack of arm strength, but for one reason or another the coaches aren’t feeling comfortable about this position going into fall camp.  I do not think it will be Faton Bauta, despite his knowledge of the offense.  I do not think it will be Greyson Lambert early, because he hasn’t been here learning the system.  By default, I have to say Brice Ramsey against Louisiana-Monroe.  All three quarterbacks will probably see the field in that game.

        I do not see this being a typical Richt team, where the back-up quarterback only gets in once the game is out of hand.  I think Ramsey and Lambert will battle for this position in the early going before they settle in on a starter.  It will be decided early though.  Whomever plays the most against the Gamecocks will be the starter.
        This is the million dollar question though.  As much as we would love to see Chubb get the ball for 60 carries per game, it will not be successful.  They will have to have balance on offense and keep the defense guessing.  If we do not have a capable quarterback to do that, it will be a long year.

BDB - Okay, good stuff guys. As far as the Lambert transfer, I'll split the difference. It's going to be nice to have the extra arm in practice, especially after Park shied away from the competition. But I do think Schotty wanted more options to look at in August. I agree that Lambert won't likely start the first game. However, I could see him being the eventual starter though if Bauta isn't able to stay ahead of Ramsey and Ramsey starts to force some throws.

In the end, I'm still in favor of Bauta because I think he adds some versatility to the huddle and some unique athleticism to the backfield. But I wouldn't be disappointed at all if Ramsey showed up at camp and pulled ahead and started 2015 where he ended 2014...under center.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Midday SEC Network Takeover thought

There are many downsides to the conference tv station. Well, at least one bald-headed one with an over active phoneline. But this "takeover" thing is pretty cool. Hope you're either enjoying it immensely or have a very busy DVR today.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

House HillBilly - Dipshits are Coming

There's no stopping Butch Jones at a chance to draw attention to himself.

(h/t mckelsey19)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Coach Ek gives us a S&C progress report

And the grade is favorable, at least in his eyes.
Of course, praise towards the Strength and Conditioning program is an almost persistent breeze. Still, good to see Coach Ek Pound the G!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Never give up on your dreams young man...

Regarding the Herschel news...so you're saying there's a chance...???

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bulldog Bytes podcast with Weiszer and Page

Thanks to the guys at ABH for having us on the podcast this morning. I won't even hold it against them that they changed my OOC game answer from UCLA to Oregon State.

Click here or below to listen.

Monday, June 15, 2015

"Strikes and gutters, ups and downs."

Hey look! All this down time and I still remember how to embed a vid.

Back when I told y'all I was slowing things down here I didn't expect things to get to such a crawl. Not going to apologize of course, it's just that suddenly life got up and got busy. What have I been doing while slacking off on blogging this offseason? Since you asked, changing jobs is one...lots of projects around the house...said goodbye to a 16 year relationship with our old water heater, and all I got as a parting gift was an insurance claim...watched all of Sons of Anarchy...

However, I do have some things working. I should have a Georgia football related book review up in a day or so. Joining Weiszer and Page on their Bulldog Bytes Podcast later this week. And hoping SEC Media Days will provide some blog fodder. Actually, has it ever not?

And to be perfectly honest, the down time has been nice. The feeling the need to write something each night to post the next morning had gotten to me. Things will pick up in August as camp breaks and the season looms nearer on the horizon. In some way, it will pick up around here as well. Just not at the break neck speed of a five star blogger.

I think Rivals has downgraded me to a two star. Which is about right when you consider my forty time.

Saturday, June 13, 2015