Sunday, August 30, 2015

Patience, a noun. (part two)

Coach Richt has been patient. And before you take that the wrong way, my meaning is that he's waited to have the support, financial and otherwise, that he now enjoys.

The rambunctious energy that surrounded the Belk Bowl turned in the old coach's favor. Ever since he's been letting it ride and watching the cash stack fat.

Way fat.

Coach Richt bashers and Coach Richt apologists alike have to agree that the level of support for the football program in Athens is at a level that is unprecedented. Gone are the days of those that put Richt on a pedestal saying things like "Well, if only they'd let the man have the support staff he deserves..." or, "I mean jeez, Richt got caught paying his own staff out of his own bank account!"

In short, it's time to put up or shut up. No excuses. Morehead helped McGarity open the coffers. And now there's a lot less office space in Butts-Mehre.

No, I'm not declaring 2015 a Natty or bust season. But the investment should show some measure of return, no?

In the very least, I'm anxious to see how our team performs with all of this influx of support. We've all been patient. Let's see what happens the next couple seasons now that UGA is finally all in.

Patience, a noun. (part one)

"In this day and time, patience gets your butt fired."

Tracy Rocker, ladies and gents. Please, try the veal.

There's been little question that Trent Thompson is gonna have to be the key to helping stop the run and making plays that eluded Pruitt's first Georgia defense in losses to Florida and Tech last season. But it's nice to know two things: 1) Thompson's being groomed by President of the Athens Chamber of Hardasses, Mr. Tracy Rocker, and 2) Mr. Rocker plans to rotate his d-line.

In 2012 we had two future NFLers at nose and Grantham wore Jenkins and Geathers down to the point where in the SECCG they couldn't stop Bama from anything they wanted to do on the ground when it counted the most. Glad Rocker is bringing his talent along as it develops.

All of that aside, "patience" is an interesting word for this season. Let's look at that a little closer in the next post...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 29th - the Hereafter

You're either with us or against us. 

Seven days. 

Go Dawgs!

Friday, August 28, 2015

"Is Mark Richt too decent to win a national championship?"

This article is a little difficult to get through, mostly because it discusses at length the feelings after such devastating losses in the Dome 2012 and on the plains in 2013. And it asks a lot of age old questions as to the dichotomy of virtue and today's college football.

Personally, I understand some Georgia fans' frustration with not getting on the national stage and the elite media pointing to their coach's squeaky clean aura. But I don't doubt Richt's devotion to winning anymore than I doubt his devotion to God.

Or as his own brother in law is quoted in Swaminathan's article...
“I don’t even like playing cards with the guy anymore,” Hynes says.
Interesting read. And the further along in Mark Richt's tenure the more the question is going to come up as to the lasting legacy of the Georgia Bulldogs most successful football coach.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Time will tell."

As Emerson visits chuckumbia, the Ol' Ball Coach tells us what we already knew.
“You’re gonna have to find out. Time will tell. Time will tell about all that,” Spurrier said. “I wasn’t very good I guess going that way (from college to the NFL). When you’ve got a real good team and you’ve got a good running back like (Nick) Chubb you might be a pretty good play-caller. Good players make good play-callers.”
Truth. Your move Schotty.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Panic on Sanford Dr.

Two weeks!
Scrimmage today.
And Aaron Murray is still in Kansas City!
Where are the tailgate chairs?
Is Coach Blount in Marshall Morgan's head?
Wait, who the hell is Coach Blount?
A friend of my lawn guy told him he heard his barber tell the mailman that Sam Vaughn is gonna be named the starter.
14 days!
Has anyone seen the cornhole sacks?
Was that another rumble of thunder?!?
Loran, seriously. Whatchagot?
The water girl stole the Goatee again.
I suck at haikus.
And I can't find my game day socks.
I hope Leonard Floyd still has his.
One fortnight!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Two QBs or not two QBs, that is the question.

Yesterday, Richt said this:
“There’s a method to the madness here. I think it’s important that we’re the ones that watch the film, we’re the ones that decide who the guy is. We don’t need anybody in the media telling us who should be the starter and that kind of thing.”
You notice he said nothing about bloggers telling them who should start at quarterback. So, I'm still on the record as believing Bauta gives us everything we need this season. But also still believe Ramsey eventually takes the reins.

However, there seems to be an increased chance that we have a two-QB system, at least to start the season. Regardless of what David Pollack might think, I'm not giving Lambert much of a chance to pull ahead of the other two before the season starts. Is the window cracked for the Virginia transfer to win the job later in the season? Absolutely. But to ask him to cram the playbook in through his ears and lead the offense mere weeks after arriving on campus is a bit much in my opinion.

So that leaves us Ramsey and Bauta. If neither can pull ahead of the other, is it such a far reaching conclusion that both should play? Unless you have just recently fallen off the turnip truck, the answer is no. Richt famously played both Greene and Shockley. In 2006 Richt and Bobo used both Tereshinski and Cox as needed while Stafford acclimated to the SEC climate.

I think most fans, myself included, hoped that one player would just surpass the other. There's some comfort in that I guess. Knowing that a guy has the talent and the heart to separate himself from the rest of the depth chart is just how we've come to expect things. Perhaps Murray spoiled us all those years.

But the other side of the coin is that both guys want it and both guys have the chops to lead the team. Kolton Houston is mentioned in the Weiszer article as saying all three guys look good. Richt mentions the deep passing game is coming along, while the intermediate needs work. Since we're three weeks away, you can see the situation developing where both Richt and Schotty want to see them all in live game situations. Practice reps and even scrimmages can't replicate the intensity and the pressure that throwing the football in an actual game can. Even when the other team in Louisiana Monroe.

So the last thought would be this - would it be a two-QB situational system? Ramsey and Bauta have much different skillsets for the same position. If Ramsey is the one on target with the deep passes and Bauta settles in the intermediate game...well, I don't like where that is heading.

Let's just let them continue to fight it out. Even if we're seated in our tailgate chairs three weeks from now taking bets on who Schotty trots out first.

August 15th - "Dogs will play without Dicks."

All Georgia fans love Lewis Grizzard. So of course Erk would use the greatest headline in sports history as a way of motivating his players while also throwing his old linebacker with the unique name a bone.

If you're unfamiliar with the background to this reference you MUST IMMEDIATELY STOP READING THIS AND WHATEVER ELSE YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING THAT'S IMPORTANT AND WORTHWHILE and click here for Catfish and Cornbread's post from several years ago. And don't slack off before the comments. Because that's when the real fun story-telling begins.

(Also, please don't let their masthead picture sway you. They stopped updating back when we were all excited about that guy coming to Athens. Really miss that blog.)

Sunday, August 9, 2015