Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mason answered the questions.

We had them. And I say "we" because I include myself. To be fair, we had them because Hutson Mason hadn't given us a reason not to voice our concerns.

That was then, this is now.
The quarterback who some fans wanted benched now leads the SEC in pass efficiency rating. His passing yardage isn’t spectacular, but Mason is verging on putting himself in Georgia’s record book.
Mason has completed 68.4 percent of his passes this season, which would break the single-season school record of 65.0, set by Bobo in 1997.
“He’s probably gotten the most out of his ability than anybody that I’ve ever had,” Bobo said.
Mason’s current pass efficiency rating (158.12) is just behind Aaron Murray for the second best in any Georgia season. Murray did that last year and also holds the record of 174.82 for his 2012 season.
I think Damian Swann has been one of the most satisfying to see come around this season. But Mason is up there. He's just an different dude out there the last couple games compared to September and part of October. And I suspect most of that transformation has to do with trusting his offensive line. Those boys are getting after it.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

One more timeout for Clean, old fashioned Love

Because many of you were kind enough to leave words of encouragement, I thought I would pass along that Erin passed away yesterday. She was a fighter through to the end. Anyone that knew her expected nothing less.

Sometimes I'm amazed and humbled by the distances my words can travel. If anyone, Dawg or Jacket or somehow ambivalent, finds it in their heart to give to Erin's favorite charity, I know Chris, Alex and the rest of Erin's family would greatly appreciate it. If there's anything Erin loved more than cheering on Georgia Tech, it was making kids smile. I know she always had nothing but encouraging words for my two girls.

Thank you for your time. Now you may resume your vested interest in one of the greatest rivalries in college football.

Ronald McDonald House
795 Gatewood rd, ne
Atlanta GA, 30329

Monday, November 24, 2014


Tyler is right, Paul Oliver should be remembered as one of the greatest of all bug killers. But today is Mohammed Massaquoi's birthday. What better what to say Happy Birthday than to remember that 2006 drive. Go Dawgs!

Tech to faceplant in Sanford again

Two years ago Tree got medieval on a little pipsqueak. You don't want to miss whatever happens this year. So get your tickets here.

"Boooooo bumblebees! Go Georgia Bulldogs!!"

An important reminder from Gabby, one of the Dawgs' most energetic little cheerleaders.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

"I'mma man" wants a tan

via 247Sports
Gundy, 47, is the all-time wins leader at OSU (his alma mater) and has an 82-43 record heading in to today's games. Two years ago he was in the mix for the Tennessee job, which went to Butch Jones, and sources in the coaching community have said he's long been intrigued by coaching in the Southeastern Conference.
They could certainly do worse. But they could do better, right? (Not that I'm complaining thus far.)

Sunday Thoughts on icing cupcakes

It's best to break games like this down into what we learned. And I'll do this in order starting with the most important...

- Lee Greenwood plays some kind of miniature saxophone. Weirdly cute y'all.
- Nick Chubb has a serious violent streak when you try and tackle him prior to when he is ready to be tackled.
via DawgJaytee
- Andrews, Mason, Herrera, Wilson, et al didn't let the rest of the team sleep too late.
- Concession stands ran out of pizza too early. Which made me look bad in front of the kids. Boo. Hiss.
- UGA has some badass members of the military. Seriously, is there anything General James Livingston hasn't done to protect our freedoms? Other than try and tackle Nick Chubb prior to being ready to be tackled.
- Chris Conley uses the force of stretching out for the ball better than the average Jedi.
- We can haz Rumph and the same game, not just the same jersey.
- Charleston Southern has a really, really good punter.
- Lee Greenwood is shorter than I expected.
- I shouldn't take the 12yo with me to the concession stand.
- No. In actuality, Georgia fans don't spit on opposing fans.
- With (or without) the ball in his hands, Quayvon runs with bad intentions.
- Kyle Karempelis is our most alliterative tailback.
- Richt asked Bobo to allow the Georgia punters to rest this week. He obliged. 
- The 10yo danced with me during Sanford Karaoke. 

Buttercup, don't break my heart. What'd I miss?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Two keys to eating our last cupcake

I don't know what you expect, but here you for the team and one for you:

1) Just show up without forgetting your helmet.
2) You all need to read this story if you haven't already. Great prep for today's game which will honor members of the military. Anthony Dasher does a great job reminding us of our own Jack Loonam, a Damn Good Dawg pulling "Double Duty".
"So, during my free time from football I do Army and free time from Army I do football. It's been tough, but I wouldn't trade it for anything." 
And that shouldn't be the first time you've become acquainted with Loonam. UGA featured him in a story a couple years ago, and his dad Dr. Tim Loonam, who won a Bronze star during his time in Iraq, was kind enough to send in this picture once. Seems Georgia has been on Jack's mind for quite some time.

Jack Loonam, Damn Good Dawg and Damn Fine American!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clean, old-fashioned Love.

Most of you don't know Erin, but she's one of the blog's original followers. She's married to a good friend of mine and when we see each other she always asks how things are going in this little corner of the internet.

I've known her husband Chris since college, even though we went to school some 60 miles apart. He and I are alike in many ways, both true to our school, avid fans of the respective football teams, and always appreciate a good beer. On one occasion in the mid-90s after drinking too much of some good beer, we nearly came to blows over an argument related to our teams' rivalry. His brother Jim was kind enough (and just sober enough) to break it up.

Chris, Erin and their little boy Alex are my favorite Georgia Tech fans. And so when I received word yesterday that Erin is in a fight for her life, I reminisced on the days when the only people that read my words here were people I actually knew. Then I promptly set aside any earthly rivalry, bent my knee and prayed.

Some things are bigger than football. Much. So I humbly ask that at some point during the commencement of the yearly tradition of verbal barbs, online insults, and other words filled with venom, please also take a moment to send a good thought, a prayer, or just a moment of reflection for these good people and the doctors and nurses in Erin's care.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Charleston Southern looking for win 100

The program started in 1991 and comes to Athens with only 99 tackle football wins since then. Do the math and that's not real good y'all. Like, worse than Chan Gailey Tech Era bad. But with last week's victory over Liberty, the Buccaneers have 18 victories in the last two seasons. So these are dudes that aren't used to losing.

And perhaps that explains their refusal to lay down for Vanderbilt on October 11th. CSU outgained the 'Dores in total yards and rushing yards. They also racked up 19 first downs in the 21-20 loss in Nashville. Of considerable note is the fact that Vanderbilt didn't score a point in the second half. The Bucs smelled blood and anchored down.

How did Vanderbilt pull out a win against this considerable FCS foe? Well, the most telling sign is that Charleston Southern was only 2/14 on third downs. Get them behind the marker and then force their hand. They'd much rather run the football than pass.

And that will hold true Saturday when they come to Athens. The more they run the football forward, the less time Bobo has to run the Wild Honkey Nick Chubb and Friends before giving Kid Ramsey his snaps.

Some links:
- Lead up article to CSU's game against Liberty last weekend
- The Bucs at 'Dores box score
- Their roster is filled with Georgia kids, including one with ties to AD McGarity