Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chicken dinner was less than filling......

I was more than a little off in my prediction..... and my vision of the hook and lateral never came to fruition. If you're talking to your bookie based on my need help! 

After watching the game again.....

Offensively, the drops stand out. Stafford made some great throws that didn't show up in the stat sheet yesterday. But the playcalling late in the game really frustrated me. Either Bobo doesn't yet trust the O line to knock guys off the blocks, or he trusts the passing game a little too much. When Curran layed the wood at the goal line and Asher recovered the ball in the endzone, how many expected us to really grind things out, move those chains and chew up even more clock? Mimbs gets the punt of a lifetime and the once again we're back where we started. UGH!!

Our defense played "bend but don't break" style which is kind of like eating a dozen hot wings as a late night snack. Overall - satisfying, but once you finish you feel like you have two stomach ulcers battling for gastrointestinal supremacy! Let's give credit to the defense for only allowing
 7 points on the road. I agree with some other things I've read that Martinez's plan was to take away the big play and make the chickens work for everything they got. But gamecock mistakes contributed to our success. Our front four provided just occasional pressure which resulted in a couple of incompletions and NO sacks. We're about to go up against a couple experienced QBs in Carpenter and Wilson and they'll lick their chops standing back there unabated. We must develop a pass rush with our front four if we are to contend for the East title. 

And we have to stop causing those little yellow flags out of the zebras pockets if I am to survive this season.'s nervewracking!! The roughing the passers I thought were just good football, but we can't be giving up 112 yards to some of these teams down the road. 

So....time to start packing for Tempe. To account for air travel, this week's BOLD prediction will come a day early. To tide you over until Thursday, here's some trivia, brought to you by Old Crow. Winning comment gets a slightly misshapen Gamecock visor...

This weekend's road trip will be Georgia's longest regular season trip since 1960. Who was the opponent and what was the result?

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namaman said...

Well all of this being said, I still feel we are doing just fine. If I do recall correctly, we were pretty much saying alot of the same things about our team last year - too many drops, not enough pressue, the o-line just isn't going to cut it... I think 'ol Willy has some blitzes up his sleeve and some other tricks to get some pressure on ASU this coming weekend. We should be able to be much more physical with them as we travel to the desert. Everyone just needs to take a deep breath, be glad we came out on the good side of the SC game and have faith in what will be COMING DOWN THE TRACK!!