Friday, September 26, 2008

From the dark end of the street......

September 12th, 2008, and I quote:

So....we go to Columbia, then Tempe before coming back home for Bama. Based on what I've seen so far, we'll have a loss before we get to our bye week. Profetic, albeit innocuous, words from your favorite blawgger. Forgetting my prognosis just 15 days prior, at approximately 1:30pm Saturday I turned to my wife and asked her, "What is the best thing to come out of Alabama?" She grinned and prompted me to finish the old joke. "I-20." (Bah-Dum-Bum!)

Turns out I was wrong. Woefully wrong.

We woke up Sunday morning with reality staring us back in the mirror. We had gone to bed the night before hoping she would disappear into the late night shadows, proving that what we had just witnessed was a nightmare. But there she was with that subtle smirk, as if to say, "I told you so."

I drove my girls to church hoping the sermon would bring a better outlook than the eulogy given 'tween the hedges Saturday night. To set the tone for an uplifting beautiful fall day, I popped in some Van Morrison and turned up the volume a little. We sang. Especially Ainsley once we got to the 6th track, "Brown Eyed Girl". It's her favorite. Wonder why?

It used to be a loss like Saturday's would ruin my weekend. The scowl would last well into the next work week. But you can learn a lot from your kids. Whether you see it as they haven't yet learned the importance of college football in the south or that they just live in the now without the burden of being strapped to the misery of things that happen on the gridiron, you can learn a lot from them. So, like a street rat following the Pied Piper I fell in line behind Conner and Ainsley and began a routine that I was sure would bring not only solace, but answers. 

There are sooooo many questions though.....

On the plus side my Tivo got the afternoon off and quickly breathed a deep sigh of relief. It has been crazy tired from all of the Sunday afternoon rewinding (blip, blip!) and pausing and fast-forwarding (blip, blip!!). Digital video evidence of the whoopin' was deleted prior to going to bed Saturday night. I feared that keeping it on my "List" would only haunt me through the night.

Let's start with the good news.......(chirp!....chirp!) ........uhhh.........(chirp!).......umm....... the fans looked great!

Now let's plow through the bad. Strap up your boots! Penalties, poor tackling, poor play-calling, defense playing on their heels, penalties, poor game planning, some Bama fan spilled Papa Nama's coke, penalties, outclassed and out coached. Ugh! That was painfully cathartic! I'm not gonna dwell on each of these issues cuz I would be up all night and it would just be pouring salt into our wounds. 

But the penalties finally factored heavily into the equation that tipped the balance in the opponents favor. On the way home Jenn and I discussed the penalties, among other things. She challenged me that we had been this bad in the yellow flag area last year. I didn't remember it that way. So Sunday afternoon I decided to pay a little overtime to the BDB research staff and have them run the numbers. Senior BDB Data Consultant, Louis Poindexter, tells me the rankings are based on the number of penalties, not the yards.

2008 53 penalties for 437yds W-O-R-S-T ???????
2007 91 penalties for 760yds tied for 26th worst 11-2, 6-2
2006 78 penalties for 611yds tied for 41st 9-4, 4-4
2005 77 penalties for 697yds tied for 55th 10-3, 6-2
2004 94 penalties for 795yds 17th 10-2, 6-2
2003 119 penalties for 1032yds 5th 11-3, 6-3
2002 101 penalties for 879yds tied for 25th 13-1, 8-1


On a lighter note, Advisor Poindexter also tells me that the Dawgs are 101-3 against the Bye week in the school's history. There's something strange about the way he chuckled though as he clocked out this afternoon.....

On an even lighter note, Jenn and I faired pretty well as cornhole partners at the tailgate. Maybe now she'll join me as a tennis partner and put our undefeated (1-0) record to the test.....

Many apologies to frequent BDB reader, Chris "Jovi Rules" Nama. He won last week's trivia contest outright (sorry honey!.....) and BDB's editorial staff failed to catch that it was not mentioned in Friday's weekly prediction blog. Mr. Nama correctly recalled that Munson's famous "Hobnail Boot" call was the result of the play "P-44 Haynes". Well done Nama. Please follow the link below to claim your year's supply of Fat Tire brew!! And enjoy your VIP subscribership!

Chins up Dawg fans. The sun has risen and College Gameday has left town. The memories will continue to frustrate us, but there are worse things that can happen to a team than losing to a quality opponent in September. And if you're like me you are looking forward to the weekend off. We can all breathe a deep breath. Friday's prediction blog will be replaced by a look at what's ahead for our Dawgs as we approach the halfway point in the season.

"Little baby take my hand, you can help me share this load......." 

Have a great week everyone.


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