Sunday, October 5, 2008

How to teach a 4 year old to leg tackle......

Rookie blawgger mistake using my best Fulmer jokes during a bye week. But fear not Faithful Reader, I'm sure something spontaneous will fill the void that is.........that is.......ahhhmm......what was I saying?

Sorry if my mind is a bit more cluttered than usual. I was able to devote all of my mental energy this weekend to the 4 year old girls soccer team I'm coaching. Their progress since the beginning of the season astounded me! Sure, I proudly tell the parents and other more casual observers that it must be the superior coaching, but deep down I realize that is about as true as saying Coach Fulmer's fanny is just hot because of the extra spicy hot wings he ingested for breakfast. Tennessee - 2-3, 0-2...OUCH!! Word outta Knoxville is Fulmer hasn't had a Cracker Barrel tab comp'd in weeks.

Back to soccer.....practice is tomorrow and I'm wondering what to have the little Pele's in pigtails do. They scored like 20 goals Saturday. To make things more challenging, Ainsley's Anma and PawPaw will be in attendance this Saturday morning to see their little grandgirl take the pitch, or FIELD for all of you soccer novices (HEY! I'm no warm body type of peewee coach.......I study futbol history. And my wife/team manager also helps by keeping up to date with everything David dreamy!) Offensive drills seem too mundane for this crew of GOal getters. So I think we'll focus on the art of taking the opponent down with a combination of momentum, timing and four year old legs. You know! Let those other little girls in ribbons taste some turf. We may have scored 20 against the dolphins, but we gave up nearly 10. That's gotta stop before the 2016 World Cup.

And......back to (American) football. Some interesting articles seen 'round the net and in my driveway since we last talked. Probably my favorite was this one on Knowshon Moreno. Prior to the season I recall debating with Mr. Boston himself, Joe Luskus, on the likelihood that 24 would return for his redshirt junior season. His main point was that with all the talk this season of national championships and #1 rankings, really next season should be the season things really line up for the Dawgs. Two wild cards though...... Stafford and Moreno are both eligible to depart if they so desire. When the debate turned to Moreno, I was on the side on the fence that said he would not return in 09-10, assuming he had the kind of RS Soph season he had as a freshman. It's a lot easier for a running back to jump to the pros early and make a difference. And with another stellar season, it would seem a surety that Knowshon would be a top 10 pick, easy! Joe called me a dumbass - which is his soft-hearted way of saying Knowshon wants his degree and is on track for finishing after next year. Mr. Hummer's story seems to support that side of the fence.

In a separate conversation with Mr. Boston, he seemed cautioned that although the vOwels are lower than low, they always play TOUGH in the trenches. And......that's an area that didn't go so well with the last team we played. Fulmer may have trouble finding his whistle underneath all of the chicken bones (they really just write themselves folks....), but his linemen play a physical brand of football on both sides of the line. I've been able to see them play some and it seems like the reason for the record has more to do with their lack of difference makers. But the big guy is not worried about his quarterback, at least he's not mentioning it to the media.

And for all of you Erk fans, here's a piece on another Georgia legend now leading the Longhorn defense. Although Will Muschamp never played under Coach Russell, it seems the former D captain and four year letterman may have developed a knack for bleeding on the sidelines, just without the pounding headache from cracking his skull against a defensive lineman's helmet.

Trivia sponsored by Conner was, as it turned out, incredibly easy. I tried to discipline her for not putting her full effort into the task. She responded by saying, "Daddy! wrote that." Touche' my favorite first grader. TOUCHE'!! Things won't be so simple this week though, just a word of caution.........stay tuned.

Chris Nama elected not to take his lovely wife Christine to Krystal for their 10th Anniversary. It turned out to be the second best decision he made last week. He correctly determined that all four of the UGA retired jerseys belonged to running backs. Conner is tricky, just not tricky enough for our camel loving friend from Marist. Nama will receive a bonus this week for also listing the Legends' numbers, position and year retired. And then without missing a beat listed the jerseys Kiante Tripp has worn in his time at UGA. Incredible! Don't eat all of those cheese doodles in one sitting my friend.

Coming events: Friday's Blawg will contain an in depth analysis of the match up 'tween the hedges this weekend as the tick infested hounds stumble south for what has become an annual butt-kicking of our beloved Dawgs. Indeed...the last two years have been atrocious, but will this year's meeting end with a different result? You'll find the answer to that question and MORE, right here at Bernie's Dawg Blawg!!

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