Monday, November 24, 2008

Please stand by.......

......the State of the BullDawg Nation address will commence shortly.

If everyone will take their seat we can get started, it's gonna be a busy start to an important week. While we wait for Bernie to take the podium, let's take some time to go over a few announcements. Can you hear me in the back? ...... Good.
  • Nama's research staff once again reins supreme. He walks away with a case of homebrew from Miranda's basement. Miranda is a true Tech fan and a great (albeit somewhat quiet) supporter of BDB. We can understand why he is reluctant to voice his opinion, especially this close to the BIG game. So we especially appreciate the question and the sponsorship. Nama - don't forget to use a glass.
  • Bye Week Shout-outs:
  1. Congrats to Mr. Rolle on what has to be one of his all time best days Saturday. Myron is obviously a smart young man, so smart money is on him choosing Oxford.
  2. The students in Dr. Burnette's class. I know your teacher all too well. If Dad starts to correct my writing while in class, please inform the principal....and my mom.
  3. Mohamed Massaquoi - happy birthday!
  4. Jack Bauer for surrendering himself for the good of the kids!
  5. Boomer-Sooners for going all PlayStation 2 on the Red Raiders from Lubbock. My oh My!!
  • Bye Week Suspensions:
  1. 790 the Zone for blatant, unabashed bias against Bernie. That's the last 790 contest I bother entering. They obviously can smell a 680 the Fan listener when he enters the building. Blow-hards!
  2. Florida Gators - just because.
  • When we mapped out our Saturday viewing schedule, we had no idea that the best game of the day would be the Versus Pac-10 matchup. Here's hoping the Beavers de-feather the ducks and create the rematch the granddaddies at the Rose Bowl deserve.
  • BDB "followers" welcome. Sign up today and receive a free Reggie Ball jersey. sign up over here - - - - - - - - - - >
  • And lastly, please don't overindulge on Turkey later this week. Saturday morning's tailgate needs your full participation.
And now for Bernie's Dawg Blawg's first annual address to the BullDawg Nation, BDBs creator and owner, head writer and floor sweeper, chief editor and toilet scrubber ..........Bernie.

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