Monday, November 3, 2008

"You won....but at least my wife has teeth."

A rich (and largely edited) sampling of a conversation overheard as we tucked our tails and ran for the exits. You want another? Ok.

"I don't know if I'll ever come back to Jacksonville again. EVER!"

Yeh, it was that bad, maybe worse. I think I was right about two things: 1) red pants would've been a bad decision and 2) Blair Walsh was a big factor. Of course, those missed field goals seemed to loom large as I visited the mens room at halftime. But turns out we were just on the first step of a spiraling, disastrous descent into a nightmare that still lingers today.

I feel a deepening need to get real honest. Might as well start with this: it's not a great feeling watching your team get outmanned and outplayed. It makes it much worse when you realize you're also getting outcoached. Then it gets really stark when you remember this is the second time this season this has happened. The only redeeming factor is that against the reptiles you can never get outclassed. I wasn't in the stadium at the time, but later heard that Urban called a couple timeouts to prolong the misery of the fans who had stayed to watch the 5th quarter. That's clASSy!

For those of you who came here for the rosy disposition, with wins over Kentucky and Auburn we can establish ourselves as the clear cut 3rd best team in the SEC. The rest of you probably already realize that we're at least a step closer to the 8th best team as we are the first. In the first half of the Bama game and the second half of the game Saturday we gave up 9 TDs. NINE!! Who in the world ever said Martinez coaches pretty well against this offense? Probably the same guy who said we'd win by a field goal. IDIOT!

In other news, Fulmer and UT have "mutually agreed" that it is not in the University's best interest for him to come back next year as head coach. In a completely unrelated story, Cracker Barrel announced more than 60 restaurant closings in the Knoxville area. 

Other thoughts, some of which may actually be coherent:

Knowshon was a Knon-factor; his fault or Bobo's? Good question. I'll vote for both
  • a breakfast stromboli makes interesting cuisine from an airport food court

  • the Redcoats came to play; not many others in red and black did

  • on a jumbotron in Alltel, Tebow's knee is so huge you can actually tell what yard line it landed on

  • Traffic cops outside the stadium do ............. a remarkable job of keeping the order

  • Jean short wearing cousin Bill makes a good bloody mary

  • it's time for Gary Stokan, the Atlanta Sports Council and the GA Dome to factor into the mix for the GA/fla game every other year

  • brush back tosses in cornhole are not really effective

  • now that Philyup Fulmer has stepped down, did anyone feel the Earth shake?
Another thing that concerns me is seeing Knowshon take himself out of the game. The first couple of times I dismissed it for the most part. But it seems to happen more and more. CMR commented on it a couple of weeks ago and said that it was #24's decision. I don't mind King getting some carries, but there's times you really want Moreno in the game and it seems like those times are the ones where he jogs to the sideline. What do you think? Have you noticed? Do you think it is a cause for concern or is this blawgger just overreacting?
For the second time this season it is time to dish out some suspensions. After the last loss BDB's suspensions helped propel the Dawgs to a 4 game win streak, including a solid victory over the bye week. This Saturday is stop 3 on a magical mystery tour. And the last time we were in Lexington we left limping. Let's hope these suspensions send a clear signal that here at BDB, we expect competitive games, if not just wins.
  1. CMR
  2. Stafford. Three picks was 3 too many
  3. SEC - your officiating is a joke
  4. roughly 70,000 florida fans for annoying me
  5. myself for attempting to help direct traffic

And lastly, congratulations to Cord Trammell and Chris Nama for answering the trivia question correctly. They somehow knew that Baccari Rambo simulated the play of Tebow during practice last week. They also knew that the team was touting him for Heisman by the end of the week. Turns out all of that was just to renew the junior gator's repeat bid as the trophy's candidate. But it was enough to earn these BDB readers a sack full of Krystals. Enjoy!



Adam W. said...

I said we'd win by a field goal.

Bernie said...

Misery loves company Adam. Misery loves company...... : (