Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hurricane Willie Watch begins...

According to multiple sources, Bill Young has indeed left Miami to take the defensive coordinator position at Oklahoma State. Dawg fans have been bombarding blogs all day offering their help in relocating Willie Martinez to Miami to take Young's place.

They could get their wish.

However, Young leaving is just one domino that 
has to fall in place:
  • Miami will interview multiple candidates
  • If contacted for permission to speak to Martinez, CMR would surely grant it
  • When permission is granted, CWM would surely listen (it's his Alma Mater, NC there as a player, grew up in Coral Gables and still recruits the area...)
  • But would he actually leave if offered?
  • Shannon's place at UM isn't exactly stable; CMR's at UGA rivals Stonehenge
  • If UM offered a substantial pay raise, it is unlikely Evans or CMR could/would counter given the discontent with the defensive performance this season. I don't think... So that and the fact that UGA refuses to offer multi-year contracts to assistants could be the tipping point.
And should Martinez go (hey! now that the first domino has fallen, I'll at least entertain ideas...ideas within reason):
  • Garner is atop the list as a replacement, surely....
  • If I'm wrong, who realistically does CMR go after? (No mention of Coach Tubs here...that's ludicrous!)

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