Thursday, January 15, 2009 THE VISOR, part II

The facts:
  • Cameron Kenney was once an Auburn commitment
  • He's a WR from Garden City CC in Kansas
  • He's a native of Dacula, GA 
  • And he is set to earn a qualifying math credit this semester
  • Oh.....and when Auburn's knee jerked at the end of the '08 season, Kenney felt the power surge.
Other schools picked up the phone.

Kenney was scheduled to visit The Visor this weekend. He evidently caught a whiff of something and called Visor Jr and said he had made other plans. Did Bobo get a similar call?

The WR will choose the shorter trip down 316 and become a Dawg or stay in the midwest to catch balls thrown by Bradford.


Anonymous said...

Dear Old Dad is very happy that his alma mater, Tucker High, has decided that the Visor isn't welcome to recruit there.

Bernie said...

Yeh, I would imagine "Diddy" is pretty happy with Coach Stephens. And given the talent that comes out of that HS, it really was a desperate move by the ol' ball coach.

I guess he figures he has another 1-3 years before he plays golf each day, so damn the consequences for the program in the distant future.