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Something's Rotten in Columbia

Stephen Garcia's main competition as starting quarterback will not be in spring practice as Chris Smelley is transferring to another school to pursue baseball as his sport of choice. He has yet to decide which school he will be travelling to, but evidently has decided that his days as Spurrier's whipping boy are behind him.

No big deal, right? It gets stankier.....

Tucker senior linebacker Jonathan Davis had his scholarship revoked by the Gamecocks; Assistant to the visor, Shane Beamer admitted that it was wrong according to Tucker head coach Franklin Stephens, but said that South Carolina had to do what was best for the Gamecock football program. Stephens has since banned any Carolina coach from Tucker's campus.

By the way, Tucker won the state title this past season. was one of many over the years. They have some players.

Pretty bad. Here's worse...

Senior wide receiver Freddie Brown is transferring and it is rumored that any senior players who are not projected as starters are being encouraged to transfer. That nugget comes from Brown's daddy, Freddie Brown Sr.

Now, to be fair most of the players who are not returning have been with the program four years. And in Brown's case, will finish their degree later this year. But if they want to play in their final year of eligibility they will need to transfer to a Div. II school or a I-AA.

If true, the message is clear: we're no longer interested in you and want to make a run at some younger guys...cuz we may be beyond our 25 already. And it would really help if you weren't around...thanks.

The other side is that Spurrier and staff made mistakes with these players in recruiting them and now want the room to make more mistakes.

Or more last ditch efforts at some key recruits that were off of their radar.

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