Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fresh Quotes from Freshmen QBs

David Hale has some quotes from our two freshmen QBs up. It is Dawg fans first true look at two kids that are going to be competing for snaps from Ben Jones in years to come. Read Hale's blog (daily...if you're not already), then scroll down for some thoughts. And as always, feel free to leave your own...
(Images TotalUGA)

  • So a Tampa kid leaves his Gainesville visit with Georgia on his mind. Classic!
  • Hale's right about Mettenberger's leadership quote. I don't know about you, but it made me think about penalties...
  • Pretty great that these two roommates will be under Joe Cox's tutelage this year before truly competing with each other and Gray for snaps. 
  • Cox:  "That's going to be a tough situation for both of them whenever it comes because they're both really good friends. But I don't talk to them about that situation much, but they know they can talk to me about anything."
  • I hope future recruits and potential signees were listening when Cox said we don't want cha if ya don't bleed red and black.
  • And especially telling of the personality of the freshmen that neither was afraid to sign along with the other one at the same school. Competition...bring it on!
  • Here's a link to Hale's article in the Telegraph where you can read his story on Mapquest and Moped.
  •  Go Dawgs!


Adam W. said...

Hey. I couldn't access the UGA page with the Dacula boy's decision. Can you tell me? Did he choose Georgia?! I hope! I mean, now that Southerland's gone, and Dez Williams has been gone for a few years, we need some fresh D-Town blood to fill the Red and Black.

Bernie said...

Adam - if you haven't already, check the link to the AJC update on my WR Recruiting update. That should bring you up to speed.