Friday, January 23, 2009

Heavy Cloud but...No Rain

(Cue live feed from Coral Gables...and powerful music reaching a crescendo...) Hurricane Willie Watch! Day Four.


And in other news...

Stafford was the heir apparent at QB from the time he stepped on campus in January '06. It took him the next 9 months to get some national play. It may have taken Joe Cox significantly longer to cement himself at the top of the depth chart, but he'll be televised on ESPN much sooner, as opposed to later.

Marc Weiszer of the Banner-Herald is reporting that the mutha of all things sports will televise the annual spring clash between red and black on April 11th, time TBD.

And I know what you're saying, "I've seen King carry the ball and I've seen Samuel. Who else will be competing for carries this fall. Dontavious Jackson and Carlton Thomas have officially taken off the red-shirts, but there is another stud that may figure into the mix. 

Bubba 'n Earl have an in depth look at a soon to be Dawg signee, Washaun Ealey. He may not avoid the red-shirt this fall. Then again, CMR may be more hesitant post-Knowshon to sit a hot phenom like this kid.

(Cue live feed from Butts-Mehre...and powerful music reaching a crescendo...) Hurricane Willie Watch!! Day Four. 

Bernie, this is BDB central. Can you hear any phones ringing? No, just cars starting in the parking lot as coaches head out on recruiting visits. Have you seen Coach Martinez with a resume in hand? Or maybe a suitcase? Ahh, no. I did see him with a newspaper though. Really! Yeh, it was the Miami Herald. Did he look intrigued, puzzled...? No, he was laughing.

Ok, well...speaking of recruiting...

Recruitin' Snacks
  • According to Jamie Newberg, Georgia is the leader for Marlon Brown, the coveted receiver out of Memphis. However, Tennessee and Coach Kiffy get his last visit. The Volunteer head coach is expected to have finished eating his vegetables by then. So he should be able to go outside and play.
  • Greg Reid went to every Florida home game the last two years and was their original commitment for this class. Young talent on the depth chart hurt them for the young DB who wants to play early, not to mention an Urban Meyer tirade. FSU is now the leader. This kid's drama is as thick as Urban's ego.
  • Jarvis Jones, the state's top uncommitted prospect will entertain CMR on Wednesday in his living room. The 6' 4" 220+ lb linebacker is also considering Florida, LSU, Texas and USC (the real one, not the wannabe).
  • And CMR plans to make a special visit to Lagrange late spring should future signee Chris Burnette finish as Troup County's valedictorian. Burnette ( relation to your humble blawgger) is the current leader and chose not to enroll early at UGA to pursue the honor. Richt has said if he makes it, he will attend the graduation ceremony to hear the speech. And Coach said he was too busy to come to my six year old's Hannah Montana birthday party...for shame!
Shout Outs
  • Randy Shannon. Willing to do whatever it takes to bring the U back to national prominence, including coaching the defense himself. Vegas would give us an over/under on the number of months he'll still be employed, but it's really inconsequential.
  • Obama. (There! I said happy?)
  • Terrance Moore, AJC columnist for giving us this warning before it was too late. I was all for the Falcons signing the loser until I read your article. I'm sure Blank thanks his lucky stars that you are there...a voice of abject lunacy amidst a storm of undeniable reality.
  • Mackie for giving the blogosphere a heads up on some movies we may or may not have heard of that some old guys decided are award worthy. Based on his analysis, my vote's for Slumdog.
  • And speaking of Oscar...the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for sticking with their historical and illogical thought processes and refusing to offer The Dark Knight as a possibility for Best Picture. I appreciate the reminder for why I don't watch your overblown, useless ceremony.
Trivia this week is brought to you by the Weather Channel - We've seen a lot of crazy stuff, but never a hurricane in January.

The format's a little different this week, but given the emphasis on weather...appropriate. The Senior Bowl is tomorrow and the Dawgs have two participants this year in MoMass and Corvey Irvin. How many catches will Massaquoi have and how many tackles will Irvin have? Participant that forecasts the closest receives a University of Miami poncho. And sorry emailers....only comments accepted this week.

Have a great weekend reader. And pray for me tomorrow afternoon. I'll be knee deep in 1st graders dressed up like semi-pubescent, quasi-pop stars. 

I'll pass on the cake. Honey...where's the bourbon?



Mackie said...

I really expected a more elaborate graphics package for Willie Watch...but we can't all be The Colbert Report.

Also, "the Tennessee coach is expected to have finished eating his vegetables" ...ftw.

Bernie said...

Colbert has interviewed for a job on my staff. I'll keep ya updated as to his status at BDB.

And yeh...word on the street is broccoli may get in the way of KiffyBaby watching his shows after dinner as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mack on the vegetables bit :)

Willie isn't going anywhere. I think all of this is originating from one reporter's pure, pure speculation.

Hurricane Willie is now nothing but a grey sky.

For some, that's a huge disappointment. For me, I am hoping Willie had an awakening of sorts this season and maybe tweaks his approach a little to provide for more consistency.

We'll see soon enough!

I do miss the Blue/Thurman/Davis days though!


Bernie said...

I am thinking that awakening was a very loud alarm clock on November 29th 'tween the hedges.

Ally said...

Bernie, its been talked about on Rivals & Scout for days now that Mo Mass won't be playing in the Senior Bowl, fyi. He has a grade 1 ankle sprain and has been out since late Wednesday.

Bernie said...

I was trying to throw everybody off...but it looks like no one wanted the poncho anyway. Can't say I blame them.

Dawgmjs said...

Bernie, Matt Smith here, freezing my tail off in Michigan. Nice blog bud, hope all is well.

Bernie said...

Matt! You need to do some research on my favorite writer of all time - Lewis Grizzard. The north is no place for a southerner, especially a Dawg like you. Grizzard only made it a year or so in Chicago. You've proved you can hold your own with those Yankees.

Now come on home!