Friday, January 16, 2009

Landers, Leadership and Unexpected Landings

Bernie is a believer in Joe Cox. We haven't seen 14 start but one game. I'm proud to say I was in Oxford for that one start, but remember it mostly as an ugly game with a tremendous tailgate. 

All things considered, ol' Joe is really only known in Athens for the winning TD against Colorado in '06 and being the red-headed backup to Matthew Stafford. In fact, it's conceivable that there are some Dawg fans out there that had to google Joe Cox after Stafford announced and Bobo and CMR started their ringing endorsement for the Charlotte native.

This kid's a winner. No, really. He hasn't lost a game since he was learning how to drive. He may not have the arm strength of our previous starter, but he's not going to be the type of signal caller that fails to manage games. He'll put us in position to win.

But the main reason I'm a believer in 14 is a reason that is getting a lot of play since Stafford announced his decision last Wednesday - Cox is a leader.

Now before you start to make an ass of u and me, let's get this straight - Stafford is a leader. He did it in red and black every game with his arm. 

I'm sick and tired of all the blowhards that label him a loser because he didn't bring us a championship and disloyal because he didn't finish out his eligibility. If you're bitter about these guys leaving, get a life! They're Dawgs. 'Nuf said.

Cox however, is a leader with his voice. For a guy to be a backup on the depth chart and still have the respect of the players speaks volumes. That should translate into leadership through his actions as well around September 5th. 

Quick Hits
  • For a run down on our starting QB, check out Bubba 'n Earl's very thorough work up.
  • Early entries into the NFL draft used to be non-existent. Just ask Herschel Walker. 
  • If he doesn't answer the phone, read this John Underwood article published in March of 1982 after the Georgia tailback had finished his sophomore campaign. Great article.
  • And if you've read Walker's book"Breaking Free", Underwood's piece will seem eerily familiar; like a glimpse into a time when no one, not even Walker himself, knew what he was going through.
  • You want a playoff? SNL is rarely worth a tune in anymore (my humble opinion), but this is pretty funny. The W jokes toward the end are a little creepy from this guy, but it was worth the looksee. Maybe it'll convince you the BCS isn't so bad....
  • If you think Mark Sanchez will rise above Stafford in the draft QB pecking order, think again. This season's stats may favor the USC Trojan, but Staff showed in his three years he can handle adversity within the pocket. His blindside protectors this season alone dropped like flies.
  • Did anyone catch the (very) quick "tap" on the elbow Carroll gave Sanchez as he left the stage...before Sanchez addressed the media? Coach Carroll was pissed.
  • Rumblings from Athens that CWM got into quite the heated exchange with his safety after learning Wednesday of Jones' decision to turn pro.
  • Wonder if the phrases "arm tackle" and "second day pick" were hurled around.
Shout Outs
  • Captain Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger. His heroics in landing that airbus yesterday in the Hudson were astounding, even more so than his two sweeps of the plane to make sure his passengers had all disboarded.
  • Captain Sully, you sir are now in charge of our flight to Tulsa in September. 
  • Andy Landers. 800 wins. Wow! 
  • The NCAA says his victory total stands at 718 because of 82 wins at Roane State. I say take a bite of one of the coach's cigar stumps and give Landers and us Dawg fans a break. BTW - he was something insane like 34-1 against D1 schools while at RSCC.
  • Back at the number 800, Landers is the second fastest coach to reach the feat, behind some coach at Tennessee. And check out the GeorgiaDogs pic with the throw back to a time with the wide tie and before the slick backed hair. Well done coach. Here's to the next 800!
  • Teresa Edwards for making it to Athens for the momentous occasion. The four time Olympic Champ never forgets her roots.
  • And lastly, Reshad. It always pays to make your grandparents happy. They helped raise you and in December you'll repay them with a college degree. That will be a moment worth more than millions of benjamins. Not just a hug, one of those big 'ol, grandmamma, back breaking hugs. Enjoy!
To wrap up, I know a lot of Dads venture into Bernie's cyber hole on occasion. And some of you have me. True or not, here's hoping nothing like this ever happens to you gentlemen.

Trivia this week brought to you by the new AT&T, check out their unlimited text messaging plans. Satisfaction not guaranteed for fathers of daughters on class trips near a beach...where a fraternity is having their annual Beach and Beer Retreat. The Lady Dawgs recently moved into a new 3400 sq ft locker room area that includes a theater style meeting room and lounge area. Which team utilized the space from 1964-1987 as their locker room? Reader with the winning comment gets a shotgun to use to protect their daughter.

Enjoy the weekend reader(s). I know it's cold. But not as cold as the shoulder Mark Sanchez got yesterday.