Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf

What's better than a big Sunday dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes?...Monday's leftover meatloaf sandwich. Dig in!
  • With Branden Smith's commit in their supposed pocket, the '09 recruit Dawg fans are most interested in is the Under Armour Wonder Greg Reid. The Lowndes Co. DB de-committed to Urban and sent the two time National Champion coach into a tizzy. Reid honored his official visit this past weekend, but failed to re-commit to playing in the swamp.
  • How long will the gator staff honor their offer? Will the close ties to other Dawg commits made in Orlando be enough to lure Reid to Athens? A canceled visit to Starkville, a de-commitment to Urban, a visit to Athens January 30th....this could be a recruit that is the Dawgs' to lose.
  • Nearly 89% of Bobo's offensive production left town earlier this month. We know Joe Cox will enter spring ball atop the depth chart and that the RB position will be hotly contested. For a (much) more comprehensive analysis, check out Hale's Early Look Ahead on Bulldogs Blog.
  • As mentioned earlier, Cameron Kenney of Dacula canceled a visit to the Visor and now has 2008's Heisman winner in his ear. Bradford may be the only weapon that could keep the JUCO WR from playing down the road from Mama.
  • Surely BDB's knowledgable readers remember Albert Hollis...right? Well the former Cali Star is just one of the 102 graduates the football program has had since 2004. This December's class included 11 morterboards. 
  • And for a more complete catchup on the much heralded Donnan signing, check out Paul Westerdawg's Feb 2007 interview.
  • Future bartenders.

  • Friday's Trivia - congrats to Allen who typed in the correct answer, the football team occupied the Lady Dawgs' new locker room space. Cord wrote in as well and added that the football team's occupancy was between the years of '64-87.
  • Great work gentlemen. Take careful aim...
  • And lastly...the men's basketball team lost.
Don't forget your veggies...

If you have the day off, enjoy it. If you do not...get back to work.


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Anonymous said...

Great snapshot Bernie, as usual.

I guess it's looking better and better, huh? Saving up for a last minute commit after his visit? Or, is he just messing with us? Never know with kids these days. Makes me appreciate the early commit guys more and more.

Keep up the good work!

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