Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf...with a side of Greene

Reheat when ready and enjoy...
  • So the weather in Athens and Miami has been quite pleasant. Hurricane Willie never packed much of a punch and has been officially ruled a rather pleasant rain storm. In fact the bloggers that were so eager to pack CWM's bags last week have dried out...some.
  • I see some brass tacks, so let's get down to them. The truth is one of two things:
  1. Miami was never interested in Martinez, or
  2. they called and Martinez said "no thanks"
  • Smart money is that sometime fairly soon Miami will definitely call. And ol' Willie will definitely be their head gig.
  • GeorgiaSports' Paul Westerdawg offers this update on some changes in the off season workout program. Individual attention + accountability + leadership opportunity = GATA!
  • David Greene has hung up his cleats. The former third round pick and beloved Dawg has travelled around the NFL since '05 with his latest stop in Indy. The arm behind such infamous plays as P44 Haynes and 70X Takeoff holds a degree in Risk Management and will put that to good use.
  • Speaking of QBs, AJ Green isn't lamenting Stafford's pro decision. In fact he sings the praises of Joe Cox in Hale's Football Notes.
  • We've mentioned Dacula's Cameron Kenney's decision to spurn the Visor. After visiting Athens this weekend, the WR  announced another decision.
  • I paid a visit to Get the Picture's Saturday morning buffet where Senator Blutarsky treated readers to a better way of predicting decisions made by 17 year old hot-shots. It can get rather may need more than a #2 and a slighty used post-it note.
  • Trivia this week caught Allen and Nama napping. I'm forced to give Cordgeous the poncho...he's still too shy to comment, but in his email came within one tackle of correctly guessing Irvin's total from Saturday night.
  • But the maddest props go to Ally for being the only reader to call BDB's bluff. The rest of you need to get your act together. Just because the season's over doesn't mean you can go into hibernation mode.
In honor of #14:

I remember a game in Tallahassee years ago between FSU and Clemson when CMR was tutoring Weinke. The QB made a play fake from his own end zone that was the best I had seen until this play by David Greene. Supporting nods go to Musa and Edwards. You'll have to hit pause to keep count of the 'Dore jock straps on the turf. Or you can just take a stab in the dark and say 11.

Yes...David Greene = DamnGoodDawg

Here's a napkin reader. Have a great week!


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Mackie said...

If it fooled Jefferson Pilot it must have been something!

...that is not a crack on David Greene (because he might have been one of the best fakers by his shear nerve to turn his back on blitzing linemen) the barrell of the gun was pointed at the 2 Daves of Raycom.