Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Spectacular: Super Dawgs and Dirty Birds

Friday Feedbag
Could Hines Ward become the greatest Dawg to play on football's grandest stage? Georgia's "Mr. Everything" already has one Super Bowl win and an MVP trophy to show off. A strong performance Sunday could help make his case.

But that honor belongs to Jake Scott (at least for another 48 hours) in this blawgger's humble opinion. 

Scott has a SB MVP as well from his performance in VII (2 INTs and 63 return yards). But he trumps Ward in rings with two.

Of course, Richard Seymour has three rings for his services with the New England dynasty. Fran Tarkenton reached the gridiron Valhalla three times with the Vikings, but was not able to grab a single ring. And it is hard to deny that Charley Trippi is the greatest Dawg athlete to grace professional football's championship field.

Trippi of course, played before there was a Super Bowl (and subsequently before there were commercials that starred talking frogs and lizards). But he played more positions than Ward has professionally and even used a pair of basketball shoes on his way to 206 total yards and 2 TDs in the 1947 NFL Championship game. He helped his Chicago Cardinals to a 28-21 win over Philly by using his feet, hands and undoubtedly his Dawg heart.

It is clearly a close race for these former Dawgs. I give Scott the edge as Super Dawg because of the impact he had on his two SB wins with the turnovers (he also had a fumble recovery and 67 return yards in SB VIII). 

Ward will be slowed by a knee sprain Sunday...or will he? True Dawg fans don't have to be reminded that #19 was one Damn Good Dawg that could hardly resist playing the game, even injured. It would take a team of Clydesdale horses to keep him off the field...and they'll likely be too busy scheming against that dalmation to intervene Sunday.

Super Segway! 
Is Dan Reeves Cursed? This guy got stabbed in the back by Shanahan in Denver, was fired in Atlanta because his QB broke his leg (no dogs were harmed in that preseason game, just a future felon), and now may be charged with cleaning up a botox laden mess in Dallas.

Since his Dirty Bird departure in Atlanta, Reeves has been pretty vocal about wanting to get back into coaching. Regardless of what you may think of him, he's a good guy, a great Georgian and just happens to have made a few trips to the Super Bowl (told you there was a transition in there).
Last week Reeves drew some interest in San Fran, but has evidently been lured back to where he fell off the Landry tree. Problem is...the franchise Reeves cut his teeth on is a far cry from the soap opera that is the Cowgirls today.

I'm sure he felt compelled to help his longtime friend Wade Phillips out. And I'm sure the Georgia Peach in Coach Reeves would have felt a little out of place in San Fran. But while botox has sufficiently stretched Jerry Jones' face back into the mid 90s, no surface makeover is gonna help his franchise.

Will Jones give Coach Reeves the authority to make wholesale changes? Because I'm sure Reeves isn't going to see eye to eye with TO. And I'm certain the old coach isn't going to wait an hour on a plane for anyone but Jesus himself.

Quick Hits
  • Another irreverent blog post paying tribute to Gainesville's Golden Boy. In other words...this is awesome!
  • Georgia recruit Bobbie Massie of Hargrave Military Academy was evidently worried about BDB having to cover all of the Top Dawg Targets before NSD. He has cancelled his visit to Athens for this weekend. Guess Saban made him an offer he couldn't refuse...
  • Felton was a great hire at a difficult time in Dawg Hoops. He ran a clean program and brought UGA back from the NCAA file 13. But he failed to produce wins or make friends. In any area of coaching that is a losing combination.
  • As I watched Evans speak about the firing, I couldn't help but think of Derrick know, the state of Georgia's next one and done basketball star in line for the NBA. It's rumored that by choosing Tech he saved Hewitt's hide for another year. However, I didn't get the impression that Evans would've granted any kind of reprieve if Felton had been granted a favor?
  • Evans granted his reprieve last year after the tornado I guess...
  • At the risk of aging myself, I provide my reader this link as a public service. If you have been missing that humming sound coming from the metal playing field of the electric football game you once enjoyed for hours...a membership in the MFCA awaits. And're welcome!
  • Is it at all possible, even remotely conceivable that Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis could prove to be sane after all that has happened with that miserable franchise...the last few years especially? Since being named as the prepubescent successor to Philmer, Lane (that's a beautiful girl's name isn't it?) Kiffin has all but legitimized the quirky and sleazy NFL owner. Paul Finebaum argues that not only is that happening, but it may be the biggest upset in NFL history.

Friday Trivia
Let's try another reader interactive. How many catches will Ward have Sunday? And feel free to parlay that into a prediction for how many catches Leonard Pope will have for the Cardinals. Winning reader gets the leftover chips and cheese dip from Sunday night.

Check back later today for today's installment of Top Dawg Targets. That's all for now reader. I'm off to help interview candidates for the head basketball coach position. I hear there's some guy at St. Martin's that has his team on a roll. 


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