Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top Dawg targets - Jarvis Jones

The state's top uncommited player is in Baton Rouge with the Hat for his last visit this weekend. With Florida, USC, Texas, LSU and Georgia in the mix, Jones is keeping his poker face on. The Class AAA Defensive Player of the Year in his junior year played LB mostly in high school. But the Columbus prospect could figure to be a weak side end in college.

+     After Branden Smith committed, Jones became the biggest in state target for CMR's staff. With all due respect to Greg Reid, quality depth at D end is a much bigger issue for the Dawgs. But it would be great to get both in state defensive players. Jones is a talented LB pospect, but at end could fit the mold of an athletic and quick Marcus Howard.

-     Rumors have Jones crossing the border, but truly no one really knows. Georgia may be a long shot on this player's short list, but there have been known to be some surprises at the signing day table. Maybe Jones will knock the books off the shelves of Carver High School's Media Center by choosing the Dawgs.

This one was hard as I had two faves until I got about 2:18 in when Jones fights off a block and then levels the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage.

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