Thursday, January 29, 2009

Top Dawg Targets - Marlon Brown

This kid could have the same impact at the WR position in '09 that AJ did last season. And CMR and staff are pressing hard for him to come to Athens. Problem is Nutt, Urban, Tressel, the Hat, Pete "Sunny Boy" Carroll and any other big name coach is in his ear as well. Not to mention KiffyBaby who gets Brown's last visit this weekend.

Bernie's Take
Brown has the skills and the frame to play early and probably will not want to go down to Gainesville and wait around at a position where the turds have depth. So if he wants to stay in the south, it could come down to the Dawgs and Vols. Mr. Brown, come to Athens where there's a program with a QB that can throw to you.

First, from the Rivals vault some highlights and talk of his visits.

A compilation of highlights. (audio disabled)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I'd be the most excited if Brown commits out of all the remaining targets (Jones, Reid, Massie, Charles) just for how, if he is the difference makes he projects to be, he'd open things up for A.J. Green.

Look out for Ohio State on this one though.


Bernie said...

OSU may be our main competition for him. It's hard to imagine Brown going to Tenn when they have real issues at QB. Georgia's solid QB class should help.

If we could get Brown and Charles to add with Wooten, it would be great. A phenom at wideout, a talented blocker and receiver at TE and an elusive and quick guy in Wooten.