Sunday, February 1, 2009

Top Dawg Targets - Orson Charles

Charles is a teammate of Aaron Murray at Plant HS in Tampa. Murray has been one of the Dawgs' biggest recruiters since committing to CMR and Charles has been a frequent target for the Georgia QB. The athletic prospect has been used as a receiver, but projects to be a tight end in college. Charles will be visiting USC (the real one) later this month and will make his decision after that trip. CMR has promised him #7 if he wants to be a bulldog.

+     It has to be a plus to follow your high school QB, but Charles' athleticism has gained national attention. As a result, the Dawgs are up against some stiff competition for his signature. Doesn't have the size we're used to seeing from a lot of TEs, but he should develop into an all around talent at the position.

-     Some guy named Pete Carroll gets the last word, or at least the last visit. Word is, he's a pretty good closer.

No audio and the video is difficult, but it points out #7.

Rivals breaks down 11 college prospects from the US Army All-American Bowl, so there are just a couple of Charles highlights. But you'll also get to see Aaron Murray throw.

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