Friday, February 27, 2009

AJ Heals and Coach Richt Wants Your (Cyber) Friendship

DBs Beware: AJ green is putting on some pounds. He played last season about a nickel under two bills. Now he's nearly a dime over. He's coming off of a record setting freshman campaign that saw him haul in 56 catches for 963 yards. He was an easy pick for post season honors and was even a Pontiac Game Changing nominee after that catch on the plains.

Oh!...and his groin is healing.

The signing of Marlon Brown was much ballyhooed and with good reason. It closed NSD with a bang! He's got great size. But the truth is Moore, Durham, King and Wilson (to name a few) have a pretty good head start on him.

But we know who is starting on the other side. And it's no wonder Bobo plans on moving him around next season.

Calvin Johnson was one of the best collegiate receivers I've seen unless Paul Oliver was covering him or Reggie Ball was throwing to him. Green will end up being a slightly smaller version but with greater speed. Sure hands, great frame, clean routes, confidence, red jersey, dynamic vertical, impeccable timing, reacts to the ball with authority....

Oh!...and his groin is healing.

Chip Towers sat down with the man among boyish SEC DBs. 
And here's a recent interview Brett Jensen had with Green.

This and that...and, then a little more of this...
  • I know I have a couple of lazy readers, so pardon me if you've already seen this. As Matthew Stafford addressed the media last weekend, he was asked a pointed question that obviously had him befuddled...

  • Word is quickly spreading about Georgia's track and field star Torrin Lawrence. Bulldog in Exhile has a post up that contains a video of the track team in the 4X400. As always, the dean makes it worth the click. 
  • Lawrence, a true freshman, has been named SEC Male Runner of the Week and has shown he's already adept at shattering some school records. Not to mention some gator egos...
  • I have to admit, I looked at King and Vance's video tour of the locker room again to see if I could spot Jeff Owens tirelessly working on his blog in some corner. I guess in between reps in the weight room he continues to type out gems on his iPhone. If anyone tells you that is the same thing Bernie does for his....believe it! Minus a few 45lb plates....
  • CMR is trying valiantly to keep up with his star defensive tackle. A websitevideo blogging, and now...he is even on Facebook. But before you get a visual image of him hovering over a laptop in his office getting his constant doses of FacebookCrack while his team spirals into useless oblivion...he has help. If only I had someone to update my status and accept my friends for me, maybe my hair would get brushed more often.
  • Ricardo Crawford is bound for Oxford, England. Shakespeare, Churchhill, Beckham...mere mortals.
  • Orson Charles is set to trim his list of suitors to two, before announcing his decision on March 6th. Earlier this week he eliminated Gatorsville from his finalists. Not really a surprise I guess, since the kid picked up and dropped floriDuh's MNC trophy on his first visit. The tiled floor broke the fall...and the crystal. Bad omen indeed. So it's down to Athens, Los Angeles or Knutsville. 
  • In related news, Urbie has accused KiffyBaby of calling Charles' grandmother. 
  • It's a good time to plan a use for those frequent flyer miles. PWD has your hook up for travel plans to Stillwater and Fayetteville over at Georgia Sports. Use whatever economic stimulus you get to attend one or both of these games.
  • And lastly, the Diamond Dawgs head to the desert to take on Arizona. Perno's sluggers are 5-0 after sweeps of Youngstown State and Presbyterian. Last season at Foley the Wildcats took the series 2-1. If the Dawgs could return the favor it would provide some good momentum at the midpoint of the non-conference schedule.

Your homework this weekend is pretty simple. Take a moment to appreciate the UGA Athletic website. Although BDB is still pretty much in its infancy, I've spent some time travelling around to other program's sites that look and act like they are still in the mid to late '90s. Now give

programs from neighboring states some slack, they are just getting used to transmitting voice by wired devices called phones. So the internets is likely still throwing programs from Starkville, Tuscaloosie and Columbia for a loop. 

Have a great weekend Reader. Please don't forget to casually grab some milk and bread on the way home today. There's a moderate chance at a snow shower in the Atlanta area for Sunday morning. When our friends and neighbors hear that though it will process something closer to SNOW IS COMING AND YOU WON'T SEE YOUR MAILBOX UNTIL APRIL!!!

Kroger's shelves could be empty by lunch Saturday.


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