Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brannan Southerland - Pancakes, Dives and Electrifying Catches

Well..maybe it's not electrifying. But it counted for 6 just the same.

Amid the news of the early entries to the NFL draft, he's kind of been forgotten. But Brannan Southerland is arguably Georgia's best prospect for the next level. After missing much of his senior season, Southerland has some ground to make up in NFL scouts' minds. But look for him to have a long and very successful career knocking blitzing linebackers to the professional turf.

Here's a highlight reel for 36 from the SI Vault....(audio disabled)

Hungry for some breakfast? 
These pancakes have more bite than sting.

And lastly, here's his Know your Dawgs interview. Harry Bissett's....good choice.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading something about when he came back from his injury how our offensive production increased CONSIDERABLY. Can't wait to see him play on Sundays.

Bernie said...

I doubt you'll have to wait long Anon. I was surprised at how well Chapas did while Southerland was out...well, less surprised than thrilled.