Wednesday, February 25, 2009 THE VISOR, part IV

Still Lookin' For The Next Wuerffel

If you frequent the online yard sale/advertising site that is Craig's List, you might just run into a notice from the great Steve Spurrier. If so, it would likely read:

Needed: strong arm with enough of a brain to never throw into double coverage. Ones with big egos can apply but will likely go unused. Contact the ol' Ball Coach if interested.

We've noted the departure of the gamecock QB with the name meant for blogging and bad pocket decisions - Chris Smelley. Since then, 2008 opening game starter Tommy Beecher has also left campus (WARNING...if you click this link you are entering a Gamecocks website and BDB is not responsible for your well-being or your development into the best QB in the SEC.) or at least he will after he finishes his degree in May. Beecher is from a family with close ball coach ties, dating back to the Visor's days at Duke and was actually Spurrier's first QB signee in Columbia. But Beecher likes his chances at Championship Subdivision Liberty University better.

Spurrier says the kid has lost his desire for the game...

At any rate, all hope for '09 is riding on the arm of Stephen Garcia. That's right - the kid who has a passion for beer and the sound a key makes against a car door will be counted on to lead the chickens back to relative obscurity. Behind Garcia are a hodge podge of young dual-threat and pro-style prospects and other works in progress, ie. Zac Brindise. 

Also worth noting...the ol' Ball Coach was largely uncontested on the recruiting trail for these signal callers. Reid McCollum (R-FR, 3 star in '08 class) had VA Tech after him, not to mention some guy named Gailey. Other than that it is mostly UABs and UCFs with the occasional Middle Tennessee.

But, the Visor signed a top ranked class a couple of weeks ago that included a whopping 29 names. Among them was the state of SC's top rated prospect, WR Alshon Jeffrey. Jeffrey had committed to Carroll's USC, but stayed home in the end. Chickumbia is a little more than a stone's throw from St. Matthews. The mighty trojans are closer to 2500 thrown stones.

So how many QBs did the chickens ink to chunk passes to Jeffrey the next 2+ seasons? One, Andrew Clifford. Good size, pro-style offense in HS. Will probably play 3.4 games including 2 starts.

Which leads us to the news that the Visor is gonna give JoePa a run for his money. Spurrier promised QB prospect Connor Shaw that he was no where near a semi-pro golf career. Shaw is the brother of yeller jacket Jaybo and is a self-admitting visor admirer. He has Spurrier's piece meal staff as his front runner over Johnson of North Avenue.

Shaw better hope that new putter is on back order.... 

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