Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gettin' Crunk With KiffyBaby

At an energetic throw down it was two in the morning and the party was still jumpin'.

I got me some seagrams and they got they cups, but Slurban he ain't chipped in. 

I just rollin down the street....

I know tha rules, G's up, hoes down...But me likey my gin and juice. 

(Slive - "Uh, try again PeachFuzz.")

Who listens to the words that I speak...I'm laid back in KnocksVill. It's kinda hard being Lane K-I double F. 

Turn off the light and close the doors. We don't love dem coaches.

I'm laid I take a drink in the middle of the street...I'm gonna go build my fence.

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