Friday, February 13, 2009

Lane Kiffin Finds Four More Pointing Back at Him

...well, just three for now.

Tennessee has self-reported another secondary NCAA violation. And you thought the weekend would manage to play out without Mike Hamilton having to speak to his golden toddler, again.

The Times Free Press is reporting that KiffyBaby mentioned recruit Bryce Brown by name on a radio show interview Friday morning. Mike Slive's newest speed dial addition called Brown "a great player."

Brown is arguably the nation's highest rated recruit and has yet to sign a national letter of intent. In fact, the Wichita, Kansas native has yet to narrow his choices down to playing in college. The former Miami commit has a half dozen colleges still after his services. But the RB has not ruled out turning pro in the CFL.

We began the week wondering just how much of a dumbass Lil' Kiff was. To his credit he is doing the best he can to answer the question for us.

Stay tuned reader. This is the tip of the iceberg. Bernie's finger is on the pulse. It's reading that there's more to follow...

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