Thursday, February 5, 2009

KiffyBaby Gets Grounded

But Dad...Urban already has two's not fair!

So Slive reprimands the Tennessee Teenager for accusing subUrban of cheatin'. Lame Kitten issues a heartless apology and says he didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings. I guess we know which question the new wet behind the ears coach missed on the NCAA test.

But what about the players who signed with Tennessee Wednesday? Don't they get an apology? You know, since their brand new coach with the cute name told a group of alumni donors Thursday morning that the kids he just signed were a bunch of losers. 

"Understand this class is far below the standards we have here and what will be here in the future."

Nice. About the only thing KiffyBaby has done right since he arrived in Hillbilly Land is pedal his tricycle to the end of the driveway each month to get his paycheck out of the mailbox.

The list of grievances grows nearly daily:
  1. Accuses CMR of not paying attention to Georgia's home grown talent. CMR tells him he should mind his own damn bizness. Oh, and he also takes the top two recruits from the state of Tennessee for good measure.
  2. Pounds his chest and claims to have grabbed the best recruiters from other SEC schools. Dude! You whiffed on Rodney Garner and the AllBarn assistant wasn't on the staff anymore.
  3. When asked about Marlon Brown, he throws the kid's grandmother under the bus saying she was the reason Brown didn't stay in state.
  4. Tells some breakfast eatin' overalls that the '09 class sucked, but the '10 class will be so much better.
  5. And before his ass can find a pen to write the check, his mouth tells the teacher Urban copied off of his paper.
It turned out Kiffy just hadn't read the whole chapter the night before. More and more people are beginning to wonder if the peachfuzzed punk can read at all.


Unknown said...

I think that about covers it. I like the way ya rollin there Bernie.

Bernie said...

Thanks Gene. You know...I find the Urban "call out" humorous, mostly because it doesn't affect my team. It's kind of like turning your neck to watch a wreck.

But making the comment about the kids who just pledged their loyalty to helping you further your career..

CMR would never do it, but if UGA ever had a coach that was that callous about his players, I'd be the first to call for his head.