Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - From Hawaii to the Peachtree Tavern

With Monday morning comes alarm clocks, a commute to work and bleary eyes. It also brings...meatloaf. 

Dig in. But clean your own dishes.

  • I guess with yesterday's Pro Bowl, football officially came to an end for this season. As sad as that is, I couldn't tell you who won the game...
  • Stacy Searels' reward for his loyalty was made public. Searels' promotion - he is now running game coordinator for the Dawgs. And it sounds like he and Bobo are really working well together.
  • KiffyBaby not only sobered up enough to apologize to Urban (an apology that was as comforting as a visit to the proctologist), but also to apologize to a Pahokee HS football coach for basically accusing the town of not knowing how to use a fax machine and being a bunch of bassackwards gator lovers.
  • What's it called when you prove your own point? Kiffykins continues to
  • Hopefully you did your homework that was assigned on Friday and read Jeff Owens blog. His post on What it Means has been making Dawg hearts beat a little faster all weekend. I usually reserve this honor for players who have finished their play 'tween the hedges...but Jeff Owens = DamnGoodDawg.
  • I'm glad to see that the headlines for Bobby Knight's next gig have changed zip codes. While they were here it was kinda like the fender bender on the side of the road. Nothing really to see, but we stretch our necks to take a gander anyway. Tuscaloosa may be the only campus big enough to contain the egos of both Knight and Saban.
  • And if those headlines come back towards Athens, remember that that doesn't guarantee it is news. It's news if someone within Butts-Mehre is talking about it, not some 120 year old writer for the AJC. It's news if Evans requests to speak with Knight, not if some kid gets 200 signatures suggesting Evans speak with the General.
  • In terms of the real coaching search, Westerdawg has a look at some puzzle pieces that would be in our favor if they fell into place.
  • A-Roid proves he is a fraud. I'm stops intriguing me when another name surfaces in the steroid debate despite MLBs very strong stance against performance enhancing drugs (tongue meet cheek). If the league does not test for it and therefore did not police it...well, something about making your own bed comes to mind.
  • The bigger fraud is MLB.
  • And speaking of drugs, Jamal "Dirty Bird" Anderson took the moniker to a new level in Buckhead this weekend.
  • Now, I've never put anything in my nose that my doctor didn't suggest to me (and even then I was hesitant). And growing up, when Nancy Reagan advised me to "Just Say No!" - I followed suit. But I'm pretty sure that if temptation proved too strong to snort a white powder I had paid good money for...I wouldn't do it off of a toilet tank lid.
  • I'm not sayin'...I'm just sayin'.
And with that, let's flush this edition. Check back later this week for some tips to surviving the off-season. Until then, whether it's the cream or the clear...please use responsibly.


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Mackie said...

Except for the occassional finger, I'm right there with you about the nose thing.

Though I was born during Reagan's admin, I still heeded the advice.