Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - One Eye'd Jacks Trump Wannabe Queens

Some guy named Oscar's show or a NASCAR race from California? Jeez...Sunday nights are a drag. I chose online poker and spent an hour trading virtual chips with some guy named SamIam. I don't know if he ate too much green eggs and ham, but he certainly couldn't tell when I was drawing into a flush to the king! But judging from the six empty seats at the table, most everyone else was either watching SlumDog meet the Joker or Junior trade paint with some guy named after a recession proof beer. After all, rubbin' is racin'!!

OK...let's combine the ingredients and see what comes out. It's not always tasty, but is never undercooked. Once again, today's lunch special - Meatloaf. 
  • Despite last night's chosen activity, I don't consider myself a skilled card player. But even SamIam might be able to teach the Texas Tech brass a thing or two about poker. Gerald Myers went all-in with a pair of deuces. Left the table with a silver platter and half an ass cheek. Lesson objective: Don't play poker with Mike Leach.
  • Recruitin' update: Kwame chose the Dawgs. Orson visited Pete. Kiffy's sawing logs and Slurban didn't cheat.
  • I wonder what Andre Smith's Wonderlic will tell us? He pretended he was already a pro and supposedly had improper contact with an agent before the Utes treated Bama like they were a Mountain West Conference opponent. That decision may have actually helped Smith's draft stock. 
  • But then Sunday the offensive tackle up and left town before the combine was over. As he boarded a plane for Atlanta, Smith was heard to say, "I've decided to go back to school." Hmmm...if Saban doesn't take him back I'm sure Kiffin would.
  • Took a gander at the AJCs travel guide put together to help Dawg fans get to Athens "and beyond." Turns out T. Boone Pickens doesn't greet you at the edge of Stillwater with your own personalized windmill generator. Guess that was just a bunch of hot air. BumDumBum! Thanks, I'll be here all week.
  • Looks like we can expect a sea of urranjah for the season opener against Oklahoma State though. To quote the okiestate gameday site that implores fans to wear the vile color, "The Cowboys need your support as they knock off the league's perennial powers and make a run at a bowl game." Pickens may be richer than God hisself, but the Cowboy standards seem a little low.
  • The UGA baseball team is off to a good start after sweeping Youngstown State this weekend. And in case you missed it, Chip Towers had a nice look at their new weapons
  • Nike vs. Easton...neither would've helped our intramural softball team beat the football players killing time in the off season way back in the day.
  • BDB has been feeding off of Hale and Jensen's leadership topics the last couple of weeks especially. Well, Westerdawg gets it down to brass tacks.
  • NFL Combine provided the NFL Network with more than two viewers this weekend. Here's a link to the Dawgs' results. BDB is officially endorsing Southerland as the next Mack Strong. 36 may not be as versatile a back as Strong, but should be a surprise diamond in the rough type find for some team and enjoy a long, successful career.
  • If you're really worked up today over who did and did not win an award last night....just remember, Michael Moore has an Oscar. And he's an idiot.
  • And lastly, for a look at what CMR and staff did this weekend, wander over to his acreage in cyberville and look for Volunteer Day. This just in...Dawg coaches = good people.
Can someone please explain to me why a person who gets paid a gazilliontrillion dollars to memorize lines needs to read off of a sheet of paper to give an acceptance speech? Give me a break. Someone should give those prima donnas a Wonderlic test.

Just for fun, here's a sample Wonderlic. I scored 14/15 in 3 minutes and change. I had no idea baseball players wore hats.

As always, here's your napkin reader. Come back later this week when BDB looks into how the visor is doing. Desperate times are desperate treasures...


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