Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday's Super Meatloaf...and a pot well stirred

I remember a time when watching the Super Bowl was more about the appetizers than the game. Third down conversions took a back seat to guacamole and chicken wings. How many TDs were being scored was less important than whether you had worn the pants with the adjustable waist to the party.

So much for that.

Buffalo wings are still a staple for Super Sundays, but the Buffalo Bill style wuppins are long gone. Second quarter TD barrages have been replaced by last minute TD drives and the game has become enjoyable for more than the fans of the two teams.

At any rate, no remnants of chips and bean dip this morning. But plenty of meatloaf to go around.

  • Hines Ward was clearly limited in his ability to cut and break on the knee. But a well designed play from scrimmage on the game's first play at least drew some attention from Cardinal defenders.  So Santonio Holmes is the XLIII MVP and Jake Scott remains the greatest super Dawg.
  • At least Holmes will have a chance to parlay his big game into a big time contract and avoid selling MaryJane as he did in his youth.
  • Sure, Holmes had a great game and it was one of the greatest catches in the Super Bowl since...let's see...well, last year when Tyree used his head to make the cover of every newspaper the next morning. But for me the MVP was Rothliesberger. The stats don't jump out atcha, but he showed why you don't want him with the ball in his hand late in the game with the outcome in the balance.
  • Besides, that play in the first half where he runs around for about a minute and a half, establishes three and a half pockets and then finds his tight end for a third down conversion...Wow!
  • Althought the finish was superb, the game itself was less than super until the play before the half and then again until the 4th quarter.
  • Bobby Knight to Athens? What is Ron Jirsa not available?
  • I can understand why this story broke. Journalist wants to stir the pot (an actual pot, not the kind police found in Holmes' SUV back in October) and an old coach wants another chance at throwing a chair across the hardwood before he chooses one inside a retirement home to plop down in. But what disturbs me as a UGA alum is the AJC poll. 70% in favor...??
  • People..he's nearly 70. Do we want a coach that almost immediately has to fight off rumors that he will only be in Athens another year or two? Do we want a coach that comes on the recommendation of an AJC journalist that uses Metamucil as part of his daily diet or one that can grab the attention of the talent rich state of Georgia and produce wins that outnumber his player choke holds?
  • I get it...Knight is the all time leader in wins and his players admire and respect him. He's a legend that put Lubbock in the college basketball discussion. But that does not make him a good fit at Georgia. 
  • Psst!...BTW, this legend last won a conference shortly after Hugh Durham won his last at Georgia.
  • All of you that are charged up over the idea that this is a're an idiot. Accept it and then read this. President Adams is a buddy of Myles Brand. Do any of you remember who's shoe it was that kicked Knight out of Indiana?
  • And speaking of Adams, did anyone see him "showing his support" for the basketball players in Tuscaloosa? He either had too much chardonnay outside the arena or he was just giddy as a little schoolgirl over the idea of Pete running the show now.
  • And lastly, I guess Michael Phelps has found a way to increase his appetite while not training. Remember his well documented mega-meals? How about a little smoke on the water...
  • My only question is why is a british newspaper covering a story that began on the campus of South Carolina? How exactly did that happen?
  • some way...Bernie suspects Stephen Garcia is at the bottom of this...
Later this week we'll explore the newest litter of Dawgs that will be Sanford-trained this summer. At least two of them could be wearing very familiar jersey numbers. So I hope you didn't throw away those #7 and #24 jerseys...

Ugh...I ate too much. Anyone seen the pepto?


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