Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidential Meatloaf

Happy President's Day! It is a little known fact that Teddy Roosevelt once coined the phrase, "Sit softly and use a big fork." On a day when you can save some time by not having to visit the mailbox or the bank, why not eat some meatloaf.

  • HUGE win for the Dawgs' B-ball program. If the fighting amongst the players and the Friday speech from CMR didn't do the trick, then Woodbury's 32 certainly did. And if they were going to win their first SEC game of the season against ONE team...why not one that wears jorts.
  • For a good video of the excitement at Stegeman, check out Catfish and Cornbread.
  • Whoever took Gramps' happy pills, please return them. It's one thing to openly use your own column to pimp out a legendary coach that is NOT a good fit for Georgia's basketball program. It's quite another to call out Damon Evans. Take a nap Bisher. Then go back to writing about what a legend Bobby Dodd and how much better persimmon woods were in the day.
  • If Bisher would read his own newspaper once in a while after he finishes the crossword and eats his applesauce, he might recall that his beloved Tech used the SAME search firm to find their current football coach.
  • Quinton McDawg has a look at what turned out to be a great VD weekend for Georgia Sports.
  • In all the hooplah over Joe Cox's ascension to #1 on the depth chart and the two young pups entering school early to get a jump on the playbook, Logan Gray has become the forgotten weapon. For a look at #6, Brett Jensen has the hook up.
  • Recruiting update: Hybrid TE Orson Charles still set to visit USC this weekend and will announce his decision sometime before the ides of march. Kwame Geathers could announce his choice between UGA, UT and Central Florida sometime this week.
  • Just wonderin'...if professional drivers can't drive in the rain...why exactly are the idiots who are amateurs behind the wheel allowed to?
  • Baseball season starts Friday when Youngstown State visits Foley Field for a three game series. The Diamond Dawgs are hoping to avoid the typical odd season let down after last year's deep run in Omaha.
  • And lastly, men smitten with latin sensation Salma Hayek can now officially take her off the available list. As if competing with a French billionaire wasn't hard enough, the wine swillin' baguette puts a ring on her finger on Valentine's Paris...
Speaking of VD Day, to celebrate my wife and I watched a movie called Blood Diamond. Sounded like a nice romantic comedy to me. Was everything but romantic or it was AWESOME! Leo Cap has really rebounded after that crapfest that was Titantic

Good for him. Enjoy the leftovers and your Presidents Day reader. Just don't over tax your fork.


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