Friday, February 6, 2009

Searels Smiles, Owens Blogs...Life is Good

Recruitin' Roundup
If you weren't there or haven't seen the video, here's the AJC's. It's long and I don't think there's a way to skip forward. So you might wanna sit down. I'd give you my video, but this guy stepped in front of me and set up his tripod, laptop and high tech Sony camera. My hand held Canon was no match for that.

Some Parting Shots From NSD:
  • If you suffered through my journal, please stop by the BDB Gift Shop. There's a nice gift there as a token of BDBs appreciation.
  • I like the comment from CMR that he doesn't try and pressure a recruit into a commitment when they reach his office. He'd rather them walk away and think that they should have committed.
  • "If you're good enough to play you'll play. If you're the best you'll start." CMR on which signees could play.
  • I saw Searels smile. Even while he was talking to the media.
  • CMR is not in favor of an early signing period that would overtax his coaches. Prefers one that would allow kids who want to sign and don't mind foregoing official visits in season.
  • David Hale has the hilarious story of Garner finally getting the opportunity to climb out of the doghouse after his comments last year.
  • I guess we know which question Lame Kitten did NOT get right on his NCAA test.
  • And I'm serious...if you have any info on what happened to Steverino's, please hit me up. Joe was just as appalled. He might just go ape-crap on us. Did it close down? Move to another location? Does the Jamaican Food restuarant that stands there now give it hot and all the way? Displaced Athenians like us need to know.
  • Matthew Stafford's birthday is tomorrow. He's been busy inking an agent. Good choice picking Matt Ryan's. For an update of the NFL Draft as it pertains to this year's Dawgs, check out RidgeDawg's post with links to the latest mocks.
  • Jeff Owens has a blog now. If you want to know why #95 enjoys thunderstorms or what favorite tv shows Rod Battle and Bernie share, you'll have to read. Stop being so dadblameLAZY!! I can't give ya everything.
  • If you still believe that the General will march into Butts-Mehre anytime soon (you're an ostrich with your head in the sand), you'll be encouraged to know that he is still pandering for the job. And you'll also enjoy this video featured on Bubba ' Earl. But if you've ever been caught in a greeside bunker, you'll like this one more.

The King's Quote of the Week:
New Friday feature. Chuck Oliver of 680thefan cracks 'em off, BDB highlights 'em.  

The Set Up - Chuck and Chernoff got into a lively discussion about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and disagreed as to whether or not the other Golden Ticket bearers died in the story.

The Quote - "Well maybe you shouldn't drink from a chocolate river if you're a fat German kid."

It's good to be the king, indeed. Have a good weekend reader.



namaman said...

As for Steverino's, you may want to e-mail Nick Cellini at 790 the Zone. His family moved down from Ohio to buy the franchise. I haven't heard him talk about it lately though.

Bernie said...

Just another reason you're my hero Nama. Email's sent. Keep ya updated!