Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stars Can Blur One's Vision

Brett Jensen at has a write-up on TE Aron White's perspective as to why the focus is better this off-season around the mats that are drilled upon. As the team goes through off-season workouts, Knowshon and Staff are thousands of miles away and the rising red-shirt sophomore is one who believes the picture is clearer now.

As I read this, I don't let it affect my memories of last year's star players: 1, 2, 7, 24, name a few. Jensen makes a point to say that isn't White's intention either.

Still, the pictures his words paint are quite telling of where the focus was beginning to center on this time last year. And an even clearer picture of where it is early in 2009.

And speaking of Brett, he also has a scoop on the basketball head coach search (subscription required.)

And given the let-down experienced last night after beating the jorts off of those gators last weekend, round ball fans could use a scoop...of good news or maybe mint chocolate chip from Hodgson's. 

Or both.

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