Monday, February 2, 2009

Top Dawg Targets - Jawanza Starling

Check back Tuesday for a preview to NSD

In Starling, we may have just saved the best for last...

With great size and speed, Starling plays safety with both attitude and finesse. He's a two sport star that may play baseball in college as well. He's an aggressive type that will remind Dawg fans of Davis and Blue in the way that he attacks the line of scrimmage on the blitz and flattens ball carriers with authority. But he also shows great instincts against the pass that make him a player that could contribute early.

-     Starling is from Lincoln HS in Tallahassee, FL. FSU doesn't let many get away from this area at all. Like most seniors in HS, will need to add some weight, but he already has a great build to work with. Tackling will need some polish in SEC play.

+     This is an epic battle between FSU and UGA. CMRs staff entertained Starling this weekend, so they had the last impression. Let's hope it was a good one, cuz this kid is a player and could be a real difference maker on defense. At first glance it would seem this would be a long shot for his signature, but this has been a very laid back recruting process for Starling. The lack of noise could have been designed to avoid hometown pressure. Another plus is CMR now has Lilly on staff.

I hope you're ready, cuz there's some real hard hits in this one. Starling shows a tenacity for the football and proves he can lay the wood. The best may be about 2:45 in when a QB decides to scramble. It was a good plan...for about 11 yards. (no audio, video poor, but JS is highlighted each play)

Another Rivals breakdown. JS is last, about 6:15 in.

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