Friday, February 20, 2009

Tunnel Vision vs. the Bigger Picture

Has anyone checked on KiffyBaby in a while? He's been awfully quiet....

But Damon's not. Slap that punk again Evans! And somebody ring Kitten's doorbell and tell his mommy to let him come out and play... We need a warm body for kill the man with the ball.

(Cold transition in Kwame Geathers should end his collegiate decision holdout today. The lineman is kin to Robert Geathers (of UGA bloodline) and Clifton Geathers (chicken bloodline). But he's evidently eliminated the visor from his list of buddies. UPDATE - KWAME'S A DAWG

Hmm...CMR, a resume doctor or a toddler trapped in the body of a pre-teen...

(Colder transition..) The older I get the easier I find it to avoid tunnel vision. Like a fool, in younger days I would fall into the traps of main stream media. ESPN...the Piped Piper, and me...a rat in aimless tune.

Now I can find the bigger picture much easier. You know, the story that is not as sexy and alluring as A-Rod Comes Clean. Yet, is actually more important. Parents Clean Kid's Closet, Rid Shelves of Juiced Jerseys.

Recruiting season just ended, or commenced...depending on your frame of reference. There's a LARGE number of people that hang on the edge of their keyboard awaiting word from a high school gymnasium. Only to get totally bent out of shape when a 17 year old chooses another school.

Suddenly, the next Herschel Walker becomes a bum, potential non-qualifier, likely bench warmer...or something more damning.

I don't think I've ever been that limited in scope (ok...maybe once...), but to use the home theater section of BestBuy as an analogy...I admit I have found myself stuck in the 19-22" section. Endlessly watching sports stories go by in monochromatic small screen bliss.

Reality these days comes in giant screen HDTV truth; 52" 1080p LCD glory. Take these examples:
  • If a Dawg recruit decides to go elsewhere I have two conclusions: 1) best of luck to ya! and 2) we only wanted true Dawgs anyway.
  • A-Roid is an even bigger hemorrhoid. He was a piece of trash before the presser, but one that could sit a spell in the trashcan; now he's just a bigger, smellier piece of refuse wrapped in rotting nanner peels and shrimp shells - that needs to go out immediately.
  • I'm more concerned with the kids I interact with and my own two younguns. They'll be raised with the character to resist cousins donning needles with ill intent and to produce earnest apologies. Not fret over getting caught.
  • Bobby Knight. Sexy name in college basketball. And great coach...once upon a time.
  • When Lil' Kiff slams CMRs recruitin' practices and makes veiled references at Georgia's character...I just laugh. In as little as a year from now, CMR will be in Butts-Mehre doin' his thang. Kiffykins will be living in Oldman Kiffin's basement and on his third attempt at a GED. 
Punk! Slap him again Evans! Don't feel so nice now that
the fog has lifted, huh? 

Lane.  I swear, if God comes down and hands you a baby...Name it Lane. She'd be a pretty girl.

If anyone has Mike Hamilton's number, give that lame duck a call. Tell him we're ready for ol' KiffyBaby to come out and take the podium again. The SEC blogosphere is depending on him dadgummit! But in related news, Mike Slive has enjoyed his Excedrin free week. He may even get to enjoy his happy hour tonight without a call from Cheryl

And don't forget that the Diamond Dawgs baseball season starts today. If you can't make it to Foley, you can keep up with all the action against Youngstown State FREE! First pitch of the season today @ 5pm on Gxtra.

So to put a great big red bow on this edition, don't sweat the lil' stuff. An economic stimulus is comin'. Do your taxes, obey the speed limit and we'll sing Glory, Glory together soon. But for now, in the immortal words of Frasier Crane (via some bloddy bloke named Jack Hues) - "Everybody have fun tonight...(all together now..) Everybody Wang Chung tonight!"


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