Friday, March 27, 2009

Bernie Welcomes a Visit from Across the Pond with "Open Arms"

This is where Bernie and Tadcaster man will drain their pints.

I was minding my own business at BDB Headquarters recently when Stan from Research and Development barged in with some alarming, yet pleasant news. So alarming I spilled my Slurpee!

StanFromR&D: We had a comment posted from a bloody englishman!

Bernie: What? 

StanFromR&D: A brit visited the Tadcaster piece and left a comment.

Bernie: this like the time you said a Canadian trampled snow on the site's header? Or when you claimed one of Santa's elves was refusing to leave the company Christmas party?

StanFromR&D: NO! He says you wouldn't know a leprechaun if it drained your pint of Guinness from right under your nose.

Now, we've had visits from as far away as Guam and as near as Bernie's next door neighbor. But when a cad stumbles across your modest blawg and emerges from a stupor long enough to disparage a country of redheads,'s fairly monumental.

Look forward to meeting you one day Tadcaster man! The first pint is on me.

Friday's Feedbag
  • Who says there are no trades in college football? CMR traded a LB who'd rather berate his teacher than learn the periodic table (barium = Ba) for a kid who can place a kickoff into the endzone. And since Moody wasn't really happy as a Dawg, this goes down as a win-win.
  • Now if we could just get Fabris to eat something other than plain, cold oatmeal for breakfast.
  • Sounds like the Dawgs are ready for an all out scrimmage 'tween the hedges.
  • Percy Harvey may have made a gusty play in the national championship game, but he was no wonder on the Wonderlic. Maybe Rep. Brown was his mentor cuz we know she don't take no jive!
  • If you missed Hale's Live Blog Wednesday - thanks to "PorkChop" we will now have more Journey playing at Sanford Stadium. You know, like.... Don't Stop Believin' when we trail late...? Hale jumped at the chance to pitch it to Evans adding that Open Arms might convince any blue-chippers in attendance to don the red and black. That's all good, as long as I also get to hear Walks Like a Lady when Laney enters Sanford for the first time...or any time for that matter.
  • I'm not trying to make the Live Blog out to be just a bunch of silliness. There was much football discussed with the occasional basketball coaching rumor sprinkled in for extra flavor.
  • Did ya hear Isiah Thomas may be interested in coaching collegiately? I'm sorry...there's not enough Lunesta in his night stand to make that a good idea.
  • A regular reader and hardcore tailgater recently was told the pure-bred Dawg in her belly was gonna be a boy. Soon a masculine name would be needed...hmmmm? Long story short, in a few months there will be another Bernie to grace the Dawg Nation. I have it in print where she agreed on her Facebook. Slowly but surely, Bernies are taking over the world (insert overly dramatic, evil laugh) one cornhole sack at a time.
  • Stafford's parents got a divorce? I never even knew. Hobnail breaks down one of the week's more bizarre stories.
  • Calipari evidently can't even hold Mike Anderson's clipboard. Westerdawg says Missouri can't afford to get into a bidding war over their coach. I'm now convinced he's worth every penny we can throw at him...
It may just be gas, but I've got a feeling. Georgia Basketball feels like it is on the precipice of something big. 

Remember a couple of months ago when the debate was whether or not it was prudent to release your basketball coach mid-season as opposed to waiting? Well, Evans has been surrounding himself with support and dinero since late January, all while preparing himself for this shining moment. 

Well, this is the window of time he's been waiting for. We're about to find out just how prudent a decision it was to fire Felton on January 29th as opposed to a couple weeks ago.
UGA has evidently taken a pass on a really good coach in Grant in order to fish in a deeper part of the lake. Last Friday I mused that our new coach may be someplace deep, now it seems as if Evans is sure of it.



Dawgmjs said...

Congratulations B! I suggest a name of either Herschel Dooly Burnette or Garrison Pollack Burnette.


Bernie said...

Hey! I know who you are.

But something was lost in translation - the little lady and I are not expecting. If that were to happen..."Lucy would have some 'splaining to do."

That and you fell just short of butchering Dooley's name. Again, you need to move back to the south... : )