Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bilas is STILL a Pimp

Bob Knight and his PR Department

The basketball coaching search is sure to heat up soon. Evans wants someone in place by this time next month.

I found this article over at the Times Free Press about the perception of the Georgia program from outside of northeast GA. In my opinion, it doesn't really say anything we don't already know: great talent-rich state, conference competition ripe for the pickin', shiny new practice facility, and that with some talent signed out of Norcross, Felton would still be coaching at Stegeman today.

But it is an interesting read, if for nothing else than to see what other analysts think of the UGA round ball gig. Unfortunately the writer (Darren Epps) felt it necessary to call Jay Bilas. More unfortunately, Bilas is still pandering to lose Bob Knight as an ESPN colleague.

(Editor's note: we here at BDB do not endorse hiring a coach who will be 69 before he takes the floor. The only worse decision for the program would be having Bernie start at the point Wednesday in Lexington.)

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