Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Favorite Dawg Fan

I know this little girl who won't play with one of her pre-K classmates because the kid (name deleted to protect the ignorant) is a gator fan. The same little girl screams with joy every time her dad passes another car that has the "Georgia G" sticker. She gets high as a kite if the car also has a Bulldog on the license plate. It's the simple things in life, right?

The girl's only attended two football games in her life, but they were both wins. And the last one was Knowson's final game as a Dawg which made it extra special for her. Speaking of Knowshon, the Monday after the CMU game last fall she hurried into class to tell Mrs. Wendy (another Dawg fan, this girl's parents screen pretty carefully) that Knowshon had jumped over a guy.

This morning as I drove the little girl to Waffle House she announced to me that yellow jackets really stink. When my eyes swelled with tears of pride and I began to laugh out loud, her tone turned serious - They really do Dad. It's not funny!

You're right honey. It's not a thought to take lightly. And neither is your 5th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Ainsley Grace! 
Ya make your daddy proud.