Friday, March 13, 2009

Duck Lost His Quack

This drake is now wading in the shallow end

In a pond splashing move that will undoubtedly send shockwaves from Eugene ALL the way to Corvallis, Mike Bellotti has resigned as Oregon's head quacker. His move from sideline to front office duck had been hatched at the end of the wegular season but the date for action had not been announced.

Bellotti had waddled along Oregon's sidelines for 14 seasons and took his lings, both ugly and otherwise, to 12 bowls - including a 45-31 win over Oklahoma State in the Holiday Bowl back in December.

Chip Kelly will be promoted from offensive duckling to chief quacker, effective March 30th. Chris Low of ESPN is still awaiting word from KiffyBaby on this surprising development. The college football world is quite sure he has some opinion. 

Meanwhile, Bernie has scored an interview with a beaver to get his take on the puddle hopper.

More to follow...

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