Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fresh Prince Confined to Bleachers...

...but three Super Bowl MVPs gives you sideline access.

As TotalUGA reported earlier this week, Nick Montana is giving Athens a looksee this weekend. Oh! And his dad will be by his side.

Montana is on EDT this weekend to see how much he likes Tuscaloosa and Athens. He plans to weigh those offers against his other dozen letters of admiration. According to dad Joe, son Nick has a livelier arm but needs some help with his footwork. 

What HS junior fighting off bouts of acne doesn't?

I looked it up on Wikipedia...Nick's dad was evidently a pretty good signal caller himself. That must be why the kid's HS coach made an exception for Friday night sideline access.

So if you're keeping score at all-around hockey player ever??....enjoy your nachos with processed cheese from the stands. Billion dollar movie star known for saving the world without the help of DJ Jazzy Jeff??...keep your seat next to the band.

Joe Montana on the other hand??...would you neutralize those LBs with the play-action or a boot-leg?

Enjoy North Campus Nick. And make sure to take note how every nook and cranny on UGAs campus has something called the internets

Betcha didn't see that in Tuscaloosie?


MikeInValdosta said...

If Mett and Murray redshirt this year (unlikely both will) I am not sure BigSky will want the competition. I know nothing about him, but if he fits our program we will get him, if he doesn't fit and is more of a Clausen, let tuscaloosa, or knoxville have him.

Bernie said...

Yeh, it's interesting KiffyBaby hasn't offered this kid yet.

From the comments I've read it sounds like he's not one to shy away from competition and is looking more for a good fit. Like you said, if he fits great, if not...farewell.

Bill in Sandy Springs said...

I don't mean to crap on Nick Montana's parade but I saw highlights of the Gretsky kid on Youtube, who is a few years younger than Montana, and the Great One's son had the better arm not Montana. I think were fine with the two guys we got. This Blake Bell kid(Kansas) that Georgia is recruiting more talented than all of them is visiting Athens either this weekend or next.

Bernie said...

Bill - is it the same one as above? I remember seeing the Great One's kid in it briefly, he looked like a good dual threat. If you found a different video, provide the link if you don't mind...and can remember.

For both "star" QBs (or any HS kid for that matter) I always try to consider the opposing talent level. Not sure that grade A prime private school is playing against a bunch of heavy weight HS teams.

Afterall, would the Fresh Prince want to pay all that $$ to see his son lose?