Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Georgia Basketball Coaching Search for Dummies

The facts, Jack:
  • UGA DOES have a basketball program
  • We do NOT know who will be the next b-ball coach
  • The new coach will have MORE to work with than Felton did...duh!
  • AD Evans would LIKE to have him in place in about a month
  • We do have AN IDEA how much coin exists to fetch him
  • We WILL have competition in the market (Arizona, Bama, possibly Virginia to name a couple)
  • Bob Knight panders MORE than Charles Grant on Finley St.
  • UGA has NOT hired Furman Bisher to conduct it's search. They went with Parker Executive Search of Atlanta instead.
  • Evans could be in a position of STRENGTH (think pocket Jacks before the flop) or somewhere south of that (think trying to draw into a flush before the river)
  • With the serious coin, Evans will NOT be in a position of weakness
  • So far Master Adams has only COMPLEMENTED the search by having a sit down with Eddie Munster, aka GatorDon

IF that doesn't help, try this. Given what we actually know, Evans should be able to avoid this guy...


Anonymous said...

Does it make me a bad person that I think Larry Eustache bad deal? I mean, who among us HASN'T drank a PBR with a blond at our side at a fraternity house after getting blown out on the road?

Bernie said...

Brother....I don't believe I'da told that.....

: )