Monday, March 9, 2009

History Kicks Nutt in the Butt

When you knowingly sign a piece of crap to play for your football team, you run the risk of obtaining a stench considered unpleasant.

When you last likely heard Jamar Hornsby's name, he was getting booted from Urbie's tackle football squad after using a dead girlfriend's credit card (yup! read that right.). 

Are you retching me?

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, the talented cornerback signed with Houston Nutt's much heralded class at Ole Miss. I guess even a big turd can find a way to not get flushed.

Well, maybe...maybe not. Recently, Hornsby was arrested in Starkville for aggravated assault and petty larceny. No details were provided.

Now I've been to Starkville. Not sure why Hornsby was there and not in Oxford or wherever the heck East Mississippi Community College is, but Starkville is aptly named. Good place to watch a football game and then leave. 


But evidently Hornsby had other things in mind, allegedly brass knuckles and a Mickey D's drive thru. Now I've been to a Mickey D's drive thru. Good place to order some food, pay for it and then drive away. But for Hornsby in Starkville things got complicated somewhere in that process of ordering...and paying.

The good news for Hornsby is that the program plans to "honor" his Senator Blutarsky points out - ...that probably depends on whether he's good enough to start.

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