Monday, March 16, 2009


As I've mentioned earlier in my blawgdom, I'll be pulling a Gundy later this year. The celebration will be dynamic, the libations plentiful and the notoriety gained....infinitesimal compared to that which Coach Gundy is enjoying.

Gundy is recruiting more nationally now. He's in Georgia selling ten gallons and boot spurs. And recruits are buying in.

In January CMR offered David Paulsen a scholarship. One of Georgia's top prospects, Paulsen had grown up a Bulldog. However, the offer from Richt was to greyshirt and Paulsen had already committed to a program who had a jersey ready and waiting - OSU.

Lost in all Gundy's glory, YouTube hits and empty cans of RockStar is the player the video rant destroyed, Bobby Reid. Almost a year ago (and eight months after Gundy went public instead of private with his support of his players) Tom Friend of ESPN caught up with Reid and showed the world the story after the tapes stopped rolling. 

It's a story many parents should probably read before letting Gundy cop a squat on their sofa. Get your facts straight...

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