Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just the Facts Jack

Which is more important to humankind: 
Jack's semiautomatic, or the remote in your hand?

So there I was blubbering like a little pansy in ribbons as we found out Jack Bauer, the world's greatest hero since Mr. Robert Adler, had been exposed to a biohazard that would bring certain death.

My God!....the humanity. Or is this just another weeklong hang me over a cliff?

I also saw this morning that the irreputable Senator Frank has called Justice Scalia a homophobe. Does this give me permission to refer to ol' Barney as a Factophobe? Afterall, it was he who was making the rounds as late as August screaming his praises for Freddie and Fannie.

The facts in the round ball coaching search: 

Things that make you go Hmmmmm...

Meanwhile Bernie holds out hope that Sean Miller is at least on the dance card. This is like high school all over again. I just hope UGA is not the awkward pimply faced scrawny kid in the corner with two left feet.

That might be too much like Ron Jirsa all over again...

Real quick before you go - back to the remote control topic, be sure to use your BDB remote to schedule your blawgoTiVo to return later today when I pay tribute to one of my favorite Dawg fans on a very special day for her. And also tomorrow for a new weekly feature.


Mackie said...

CORRECTION: I believe Barney Frank was singing the praises of Freddy's fanny. An honest mistake I'm sure.

Bernie said...

I'll "bailout" of that one....