Friday, March 20, 2009

Low on Crocs, but High on Class(...less....ness)

Congresswoman Brown - do you in fact take no jive?

The things we've learned this week from the impetuous ramblings of US Rep. Corinne Brown this week (h/t Senator Blutarsky):
  • Urban Meyer apparently is no longer with the Florida program, replaced by somebody named Corch Meyers
  • gator show sport-manship
  • some player named Percy Harvey was instrumental with his gusty play
  • it's no wonder Brown doesn't write her own material...she evidently can't read
  • And my favorite.....1 2 345! Dem dare gators don't take no jive!
And by the way, this lady is not just a congresswoman who has been edumacated in the swamp state's finer higher ed institutions, she is a crooked politician who launders checks as discreetly as she uses the English language.

Stay classy gatorsville. For an alternative version of what our congresspeoples heard, check out Dancing in the Endzone's remix...ROTFLMAO (which a teenager with sore, red thumbs once told me translates to rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!!)


Friday's Feedbag
  • Nate Schnugg has been named SEC Tennis Player of the Week for his valiant play and 4-0 record last week against floriDuh and USC (the fake one).
  • LadyDawgs...tomorrow...Gwinnett Arena...noon showdown with Arizona State. Not sure how many Sun Devil fans will follow their ladies to the east coast, but I hope they aren't looking for a Gordon Biersch that's low on beer.
  • RidgeDawg puts a bow on UGAs Pro Day.
  • The Diamond Dawgs lost two of three to Bama last weekend but lost no ground in the SEC East. They dispatched Georgia State 11-6 Wednesday night and look to do the same to Missy State tonight from Foley. Luckily, Alex McRee returns after a bout with mono.
  • FSU president TK Weather-it-all is in a race with his tackle football coach to see who can be more self-righteous. Once again I have to agree with the great Senator....there are some comments university presidents should steer well clear of.
  • Hey Jenny Slater has what could be a silver lining to this recession.
  • If you venture around Georgia blogs enough and are a fan of the show Lost, you likely knew that Hurley was gonna wear a Dawgs hoodie in this week's episode. What we didn't know was that it would come from Sawyer's closet. Not surprising I guess since James Ford is from the Peach State and attended UGA for a spell. What I don't understand though is how Sawyer's sweatshirt fit Hurley so well?
  • Just as your humble blawgger was beginning to wonder where the March posts would come from, spring practice starts AND Mr. College Football comes back from vacay. Barnhart takes a good look at the ??s in the SEC East.
  • And file THIS under yet another reason to like Tony Dungy.

BREAKING NEWS: CMR has signed a new kicker to compete with Blair Walsh this fall. For more on the story, the Red and Black has the scoop.

March truly is Madness. Didn't take long for my bracket to bust. I guess that could be expected when you pick Dayton, Mizzou, Xavier and Butler for your Final Four. I really just wanted to get as much of a look at these coaches as possible. Let's face it, our next round ball coach is in this tourney somewhere. And to quote Jack Ryan from The Hunt for Red October, hopefully it's someplace deep... someplace deep.

Well, let's verify our range to target reader. One ping only. Have a great weekend!



Mackie said...

...Bernie, you are the man.

Bernie said...

I tell my wife the same thing everyday.

And for future reference you should probably stay away from BabyLand General. It made for a great post, but read like a recipe for disaster. They do take them babies serious...