Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Brackets, Brittany and other Busts

While Anthony Grant of VCU lines up suitors, let's warm up the oven.

Evidently I ain't mad enough for March hoops. Surprising though....when you are stopped at a stoplight during the commute home Friday listening to some of the action and find yourself screaming at Utah State for letting the game slip might believe you actually are mad enough.

But no.
Meanwhile, Obama's bracket is getting more face time than Brittany at the bottom end of a week long binge on PBR, methamphetamines and cheesy curls. Seriously, BO went 8 of 8 on Saturday and ESPN decides to ticker it and link it all over the mutha. Meanwhile, my 5 year old soccer team gets no love despite being hit with a flu outbreak and a cousin's wedding and STILL winning another match going away.... 

In between tournament games, it's safe to say bulldog in exhile is tired of some of the commercials we've been subjected to all weekend. To piggyback, the one by Sheraton that has all of the polar opposite fans/alumni holding hands and singing kum-bay-ya (creative license subtly inserted) is super dorky. Just glad I wasn't subjected to a paid actor portraying a Dawg fan picking up a nerd's pocket protector or a gator's dignity.

It's one thing to see your school get some free's another to see it set back several decades.

On the other hand, this one never gets old...

You heard the kid, let's do some analytics...
  • Hale has a nice feature on CMRs jack of all trades, Kiante Tripp. And CWM could use a weapon at D-end.
  • Speaking of ol' Willie, if you ignored the internets over the weekend - the truth finally came out that Miami did come calling...either while Martinez was in a bad cell coverage area or while they were a program that is a mere shadow of its former self.
  • The LadyDawgs were bounced from the tournament by the Sun Devils. At least the LadyVoWels didn't go any further.
  • The Diamond Dawgs had much better luck at Foley with Missy State. Once again the brooms were out...
  • Has it been a little weird for you to read quotes from Coach Searels since he's become more media friendly? Well, you can also watch him at (sub. req.). Kinda nice to put a voice to the genius.
  • Today's interactive ingredient comes from the tweetosphere and was submitted by ally_ugadawg. Stafford impressed onlookers at UGAs Pro Day Thursday, but even that performance was out shined by his Wonderlic score.  Maybe if USCs Petey would've been more nurturing to his QB, Sanchez wouldn't have frozen up so badly....
That should all make for a fine meal in a little less than an hour. Meanwhile, I'll be the guy in the corner trying desperately to breathe new life into his Eastern Regional. Check back later for some more thoughts on the basketball coaching search. 

Until then, keep your head down and follow through Shankapotomous.


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