Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Leprechauns from Tadcaster

There's nothing like discovering a four leaf clover the day before St. Patrick's Day. A warm plate of meatloaf should fall well short of that...

March Madness is upon us. The brackets are completed and the SEC evidently has two left feet. Your humble blawgger can relate. But the good news is while the rest of the collegiate world is focused on balls bouncing on hardcourts, we can focus on spring ball on the gridiron. 

After all, what says spring has sprung better than skeleton passes and dummy drills. Yeh baby!

Before it burns, let's get right to the main dish.

  • Tony Barnhart is back behind the desk. It's good to hear his words. Wanna take a guess on what his first blog item is about...?
  • Rumor is top HS prima donna and still undecided recruit Bryce Brown was in Knutsville this weekend on an unofficial visit...with a nice looking blond hostess....and vOWel creamsickle urranjah parka...on the field...with the team...looking very official.
  • The GymDogs capped off a perfect regular season Saturday night with a 197.400-195.825 victory over Michigan. The meet was Yoculan's last at Stegeman, who after 26 years as the GymDogs coach is ready to join the fans in the stands.
  • Meanwhile the Diamond Dawgs were dropping the first two games of the Bama series in Tuscaloosa as part of a twin billing Saturday afternoon. They came back to win the third game behind the help of Poythress' bat and escape the broom in Tuscaloosa.
  • There's been some confusion on the message boards about Zac Swansey's comments after the basketball team lost to MSU in the opening round of the SEC tourney. In case you missed it, Brett Jensen has it all sorted out for you.
  • Herschel didn't have to tell Tom Green to "Shet up! Just SHET UP!!" on Apprentice last night, well...because Green wasn't around much. 
  • And now Green's FIRED! The men are getting their wedding gowns handed to them, but 34 stands to be around at least until the end of March. Rodman looks like the easy target for the Trump combover next week. If he even makes it to the board room...
  • Streit at Bubba 'n Earl has a look at Georgia's history of opening the football season on the road.
  • If you're having trouble digesting the $100 ticket gouging from OSU, Quinton McDawg has a little perspective...I'd much rather pay the elevated ticket price than end up going ass over teakettle in a port-o-let. I guess the bottom line is Sun Devils are a lot more accommodating than Cowboys. Go figure.
  • Behind the flat blade of senior Brian Harmon, the men's golf team rallied to a 3rd place finish out in Las Vegas in the Southern Highlands Collegiate. Shankopotomous...not a Dawg.

Lastly, never go up against a Bernie when beer is on the line....

Yes, I successfully defended my tasting title at Supper Club. They changed the game from wine to beer, but the results were the same. So if you're keeping score at home, that's a $5 Barefoot Merlot for the runaway win in January and a Samuel Smith's Pure Brewed Lager in the 22oz bomber for a win that required a recount. I personally didn't know Al Gore was a beer drinker...

Shout-outs to Erin and Chris Miranda for hosting the BeerFest. Although Ainsley evidently took exception to some of the decorative items around your house....

Speaking of beer, Spring Break is over...spring practice starts Tuesday, something like 25 days until G-Day, and 173 until Stillwater. Wow! With enough imports from Tadcaster North Yorkshire, we may actually make it!



Anonymous said...

Leprechauns do not exist. It is just short irish people were standing at the end of a rainbow and that created the myth.

Bernie said...

Thanks for clarifying Tadcaster man. I gather you're from "across the pond". My wife and I spent a long layover in London this summer on the way to Italy. We plan to get back over someday soon for a longer stay and Tadcaster will definitely be on the list of places to see.