Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf Unplugged

Sometimes the answers to life's puzzling questions are right under our nose.

I noticed this weekend that our computer was not connecting to the world wide web. After tapping the monitor with my finger a few times, rebooting and then lightly kicking the CPU with my left foot I refused to panic.

I went to bed.

The next morning it didn't take long to realize that the internets fairies had not visited my home office. So I tapped the monitor a few more times, shook the keyboard a little and then prepared to call Ma Bell.
Ma and I go way back, but we don't always communicate well over the telephone; she has a tendency to transfer me to someone else who can help, then repeats every five minutes.

So before resorting to that drastic measure, I decided to check things over one more time. It wasn't long before I saw that the cable the world wide web comes through and into my home was unplugged. For those of you less knowledgeable than I am about technical thingiemabobs, this would be the equivalent of someone unplugging the picture box in your living room and turning the screen black.

So I plugged the cable back in and immediately found out that while I was away from the internets there was a wealthy businessman in Zimbabwe that needed my help and banking account to hide his money. 

Whew! Disaster averted.

In other recent news, Georgia signed another kicker - Brandon Bogatay of San Diego. This is being hailed as another opportunity to cure what ails our dreadful kicking game. But like an unplugged cable, the answer to that problem could be as simple as a quick fix.
The Senator has some statistical analysis that is worth some digestion. As bad as our rankings were in kickoffs last season, it may not mean a hill of beans. Then he follows that up with the path that led us to recognizing the name of Bogatay.
Personally I didn't see a whole lot wrong with Walsh's technique, other than some freshman jitters at times. I always welcome competition and maybe this new kid can bury the ball deep into the endzone more routinely and is more consistent in placing the pigskin between the uprights.

Then again, maybe he's just another kicker that we teach to kick to the left hash on the 20 yard line. Plug that thought into your circuit and see if you think it's wired correctly.

Today's Ingredients
  • Calipari likes Lexington and the feeling might be mutual. It becomes even more apparent that UKs head round ball coaching search should not directly interfere with UGAs.
  • Sure Calipari is a good coach. But this alum would just rather not have a coach who is on the NCAAs speed dial.
  • Two names that Evans could have been waiting on are now done dancing. Capel is a perceived longshot and was ousted by UNC yesterday. Meanwhile Anderson seems ready to sit down at a table and sign off on a personal stimulus package. Mizzou lost Saturday to UConn.
  • The Diamond Dawgs held on to sweep the voWels up in Knoxville. The bullpen and some untimely errors made for some shorter finger nails, but the series win was the Dawgs first in Knoxville since '01.
  • Meanwhile the mens tennis team didn't let travel delays disrupt their court swagger as they dominated the Hogs in Fayetteville.
  • Trump boardroom update: I do believe Jesse James told Rodman to "Shet up!" and bow down to the greater man in Herschel Walker.
  • Now that Rodman's gone I guess the chances of seeing 34 giving him the Bill Bates treatment drops significantly.
  • The Final Four is set. Which means we are about a week away from being subjected any longer to Obama's bracket. At least until next March. 
  • Good article by Weiszer on Bryan Evans and his transformation from the goat at corner to potential stud at FS.
  • And Bubba 'N Earl have their latest edition of Bringing Back Traditions with some Old School Cheers. If you wanna know what song Streit will be singing after this years' GA-floriDuh game - give it a click.

Should be an exciting week with spring drills nearing their apex, Evans poised to make the signature hire of his tenure as AD and Bernie making final preparations for a little vacation next week. Yup! Hitting the ESC key on the keyboard did little to repair my internet connection Saturday, but loading up the Tahoe Saturday will help the Bernie family escape the perils of civilized life.

In the mean time, stick a fork in it reader and call it lunch.


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