Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf with Cupcakes on the Side

Three fifty for about an hour...give those ingredients time to heat up...

The great David Hale started a discussion over the weekend about retired jerseys. It seems Texas likes to give them out to student-athletes who were light at both ends of the word. But the more local question is: if UGA were to go against recent practice of not retiring jerseys, who would you like to see receive such an honor? You'll recall that UGA's most recent Circle of Honor inductees were Hope Spivey, and football All-Americans BenZambiasi and Royce Smith.
Where the "cyber" conversation really gets interesting (I think) is with ANON 2:38pm's comment/suggestion at using Pollack's #47 as a jersey of honor, like LSU's #18. The jersey would certainly go to a player who plays with relentless passion, boundless energy and a nose for the ball.

It got me thinking on 47's career at Georgia; some of the great plays he made. You couldn't help but jump to your feet anytime he started waving those arms, imploring the fans to hunker down with him.

Pollack's INT in chickumbia is undoubtedly his signature play. But this INT in Clempson will always be one of my favorites. Probably because I was sitting in the middle of a sea of urranjah next to my Dad, he was rooting for his alma mater and I was barking for mine. 

This just in...47 = DamnGoodDawg

Despite the fact that Pollack couldn't return it for 6 like Dobbs against CMU, the Dawgs won 30-0. After stopping by a post-game tailgate for a while, Dad and I walked to where we were parked. Just in front of us was a young Tiger who evidently had been charged with being half of the double team assigned to Pollack. He was explaining to his dad how difficult a task it had been. 

Poor kid...

Time for Dessert
  • Diamond Dawgs packed their brooms on their way to the desert. They dispatched 'Zona 10-5 Sunday to improve to 8-0, one win shy of the best start in school history. Wofford, Wednesday, 6pm.
  • GymDogs beat Florida with the help of some Kupets Perfection. The Georgia senior bestowed red boxing gloves upon her teammates before the meet and then posted a career high 39.850 in helping to dispatch the No. 7 gators in front of a packed Stegeman.
  • It takes a lot of blogging integrity to explain the depths of one's hate for AllBarn AND argue for the merits of the WarTigers moving to the Eastern division of the SEC. T Kyle King was up for the difficult task...
  • Orson Charles will use his gymnasium as the spring board for his collegiate career Friday. He'll announce his choice between UGA, UTenn and USC (the real one) at 4:30. At 4:31 the 2009 recruiting class will finally be in the books.
  • And was it really any surprise that Herschel was the team leader in Celebrity Apprentice's season premiere last night? May have been even less of a surprise that Rodman wants to be micro-managed. I enjoyed the part where Trump put The Worm back in his place before the tatt'd and pierced freak could start with the waterworks. 

Maybe Herschel shoulda done the same thing out on the street...

If you missed last night's episode, I think it is replayed Saturday. It's a great chance to see some fire in 34 that many fans of his football career are not used to seeing, sans helmet. I wouldn't want to be in the board room across the table from Trump, but well above that on a list of avoid to Herschel when I'm acting like a punkasscoward. I was about ready to see Herschel flatten Dice like he did Bates.

Lastly, a Dawg fan sent Paul Westerdawg some photos back in October of the scene on the street where the cupcakes were being sold. If you missed that, CLICK HERE. A bold prediction comes true.

Place your dishes in the sink. I'll get to them later. The kids are dying to go play in the snow....


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