Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AJC Out-Pimps ESPN...???

Furman Bisher, Terrance Moore and some dimwit named Jim Galloway think that they work for Parker Executive Search of Atlanta, the search firm UGA Athletics has hired to assist in its quest for a new basketball coach.
Bisher's love affair for Bob Knight has been well-documented. In fact it is only surpassed by Jay Bilas' admiration for the General.

Not to be outdone, Moore decided to come up with an even MORE unqualified coach and put on his feathered hat and cock it to the right pimpstyle. And just down the hall from Terrance "Vick" Moore is some political writer (this term is used loosely...more in a sec...) who seems too old and frumpy to be a pimp

It's as if the AJC is so desperate to sell print that they'll completely ignore the facts as I have so generously laid out for all the blawgosphere.


The "candidate" (double entendre...coming up!) they are endorsing is none other than the First brother-in-law, a term these mental giants may have coined themselves. Craig Robinson you may remember from the DNC, is the head basketball coach in Corvallis. 

That's Oregon State. They're beavers.

Moore suggests an interview occur between Evans and Robinson immediately, because the Beavers' coach is qualified...meaning he's got his own little dry erase board with a half-court marked on it.

I give the political guy some credit as he at least offered up an opposing view from....let's see...oh yeh! A guy named Tim Shifflet, chairman of the Chattooga Co. Democratic Party. No reader, you just can't make this stuff up. 

Galloway also has an audio clip link that offers a clue as to where this rumor may have started...I was only able to make it through 42 seconds of it before I had to click away.

Craig Robinson would be glad to talk to UGA about their head coaching position? Really? You're kidding me?

But Galloway loses any remaining credibility with me when he misplaces a their for a there in his piece and that is just inexcusable. If he did take the FaceBook There, They're and Their Quiz, he obviously failed miserably.

Stick with me reader. I scored 100%. Plus I'm going to do as Evans does and let Parker Executive Search of Atlanta do their job. That's what he's paying them to do....

Some of the other people involved I suspect may not even know how many points a team is awarded should a player make a three point shot. 


I mean why bother to go to the expense of hiring experts to conduct your head coaching searches when you have Bilas, Bisher, Moore and Galloway (...call 1-800-WE PIMPS...one call, that's all)? Why hire a qualified person to coach your basketball team when you could get Robinson to send tickets to his sister Michelle? Is it more important to sell out games or have the First Lady behind the vistor's bench yelling at gatorDon to sprout a pair?!?

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