Friday, March 6, 2009

No Wonder the Cost of PVC Pipe Goes Up Every February

Tomorrow begins another soccer season with my girls' first game. Mother Nature has been brutal to the brief pre-season practice schedule. But tomorrow looks beautiful. 

If you've been with BDB since Tennessee week back in October, you undoubtedly recall that Bernie is quite the soccer coach. That, or the admins of the rec league stacked the team for him....

Meanwhile Mat Drills have continued as planned. CMRs Facebook status says the team is doing well. But I'm sure Murray, Mettenberger and Lee especially are looking forward to spring break next week. 

According to Hale's superb write-up, seniors Bryan Evans, Reshad Jones and Prince Miller were the only A's last Saturday. CVH has a gradebook as tough as the conditioning program he designed with a little creativity, an emphasis on team unity and a trip to the local hardware store.

Maybe my five year olds should hit the mat. Well, we'll see how tomorrow goes...

Friday's Feedbag
  • I heard a rumbling this week that President Obama was seen having a beer at an NBA game and that people were upset over that. Get a grip! Prohibition ended like, years ago. I generally fall short of putting my hands together for democrats (or politicians in general for that matter), but I applaud Obama kickin' back with a brew. If my financial portfolio in any way resembles his, I'm just glad several tequila shots weren't lined up instead...
  • Congratulations to Torrin Lawrence on being named the SEC Male Runner of the Year. Well earned and well deserved. No wonder Coach Norton is excited at having this guy in red and black.
  • Speaking of athletic accomplishments this week, how about Hermann's Hounds. Two years ago Tubby Smith was (encouraged to) run out of Lexington for not...well, not being Pitino or Rupp. After Woodbury went for 30 and Trey Tompkins had a double-double in leading Georgia to the 90-85 win, some fans in the Sea of Blue may be rethinking that decision. As long as they don't give Gillespie the Tubby treatment and enter the '09 coaching search with us. No, don't want that.
  • Orson Charles ends the recruiting season with a bang! this afternoon from his HS gym. He's caught some criticism for delaying this decision so long. But evidently he has been waiting for the HillBilly coaches to dress appropriately. Does Charles follow his QB to Athens? Did southern cali make too good of an impression to pass up? Or does KiffyBaby avoid an all out tantrum by pulling the coup?
  • The chances of Stafford falling in the draft have increased with Kansas City trading for Matt Cassel. KC is slated to pick third. It seems more and more likely that Detroit will select the Georgia star, but if they get nervous about the not so great history of early entry QBs in the NFL, Stafford could start to experience what Brady Quinn did a couple of years ago.
  • The Mountain West Conference is attempting to parlay Utah's beat down of the sabanites into a weakarmed proposal for a playoff. As the great Senator breaks it down, the problem is it comes across more like Bernie asking Catherine Zeta-Jones to dinner...easy to turn down, amid lots of laughter.
  • And SURPRISESURPRISE!!...Jerry Jones does run his tackle football team with his eyes open. Terrell Owens was released yesterday. TO did not take it's really unfair...that's his quarterback...

Suddenly all the inmates that were running the asylum in Big D have been summarily discharged. They're out on the streets like about 7.2% of the nation's citizens. Hope they took their medication with them.

Thanks for the visit reader. No snow forecasted this weekend. In fact, it's practically at the opposite end of the weather spectrum. Enjoy some sunshine, short sleeves and maybe a good game of futbol on your local pitch

With or without hair ribbons.



Mackie said...

Do your kids also know how to install flooring, spread pinestraw, and make killer sopapillas?

Just kidding, Bernie. Because my warehouse is right next to the Silverback's stadium I always associate futbol with day-laborers.

Enjoy the weekend, it's gonna be a good one.

Bernie said...

I'll poll the PigTails on their labor skills and get back to you. I can assure you though they can leg tackle well enough to make Pele proud.

The other coaches get pissed though...

Mackie said...

High spikes never hurt anyone...who wasn't on the receiving end.