Thursday, March 5, 2009

Orson Charles Private Signing Day Preview

Plant High School's super star athlete brings his natonal recruiting saga to a close tomorrow. Orson Charles has broken a national championship trophy that was spray painted orange and dressed in jorts, has been text message harassed by his former QB and has flown out west to rub elbows with LA's biggest name in showbiz.

No, not Burt Reynolds. Pete Carroll.

Seriously, the kid won a state title back in December and felt he had gotten a late start in the recruiting game. So February 4th came and went without a fax bearing his signature. Since then he's eliminated floriDuh and has kept KiffyBaby as giddy as the day he first ate a creamsickle.

Tomorrow the hybrid TE/WR/Athlete will let it be known where he intends on furthering his education: Knutsville, Los Angeles or Athens. CMR may not have the BCS resume Carroll has or the staff willing to bare their chest in the name of inciting 17 year olds to scream "Wild Boys". But he has Charles' former QB in Aaron Murray. He has a jersey ready for him, #7. And he has Athens...the greatest college city in America. 

Unlike Knutsville, we have cell phone service and toilet paper. And unlike LA, we don't have Britney or Paula Abdul.

Seems like a no-brainer to me. So I'll stand by my word from about a month ago...OC is a Dawg.

BDB workup on Charles leading up to NSD from about a month ago. 
AJC interview with the guy.
And Brett Jensen of TotalUGA has a special series going with the recruit. Good time to join.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're right Bernie!

It's sure gotten interesting over the last couple of days. Now, Carroll has promised him his #7 jersey!