Friday, March 13, 2009

Reggie Had Game, But Gundy's Got Age

Congratulations techhies...your basketball season lasted at least one game longer than ours. If Dave Braine were still around Coach Hewitt would have a new 10 year, $120 gajillion contract next week. 

Quick question: who do Dawg fans miss more, Braine, Ball or Gailey? Ahh...good times. 

So now we set our sights on who the AJC hires for us as basketball coach. I'm sorry....did I get that wrong? Seriously though, it's gonna be fun to see what Evans can do with a fat checkbook. And if Oklahoma plays in the first round of the NCAAs like they did yesterday against Oklahoma State....gets bounced...and Evans is seen around the town of Norman...maybe we can finally get past Capel as a viable candidate to leave his current post.

No, I just don't see Athens in his future. Then again, I once thought Harrick was a great hire. WhatdoIknow?

Whoever the coach ends up being, what may be even more intriguing than his hiring will be who stays to play for the red and black. Smart money is on Zac Swansey choosing to part ways with Stegeman's bench. Jeremy Price is mumbling about his other prospects as well. For more, Brett Jensen at TotalUGA has the exclusive interview.

If you want to wrap up the round ball season in a really nice bow, check out Hale's piece at today. After reading it, I think I like Albert Jackson's momma almost as much as I do her son. And walk-on turned starter Corey Butler is classier than Ron Burgundy's San Diego. 

We'll miss that guy. Almost as much as Regie Ball.

Friday's Feedbag
  • The Bernie Family has supper club this weekend. For those unfamiliar, this is where couples rotate houses for dinner every so often and shove the kids in a playroom for four plus hours and have a nice meal where forks are used and discussion centers on topics of a mature nature. You know, like if Jennifer Aniston is single again, who will win American Idol and how much of a beer connoisseur Bernie is. Groundbreaking stuff like that.
  • The Diamond Dawgs begin SEC play tonight in Tuscaloosa. At 14-0, Perno's collection of sluggers and aces are riding a ripple of momentum that could easily turn into quite the wave with some early success against the SEC slate. For updates and write ups over the weekend series, I would recommend the coverage over at Dawg Sports. Plus, T Kyle King has a great post today on the players to watch for in the annual G-Day game.
  • Speaking of the gridiron gang, Weiszer has a post on his blog about CMRs midset heading into the 2009 campaign. Let's just say it's a little more hobnail boot and a little less blackout bama.
  • For years I've thought of Tony Dungy as the CMR of the NFL. Now that the Super Bowl Trophy totin' coach is retired he's teaming up with CMR for a good cause - AllProDad. If you are a father, click there now. Go ahead...I'll wait for you to come back....
  • Ok, speaking of fatherly relationships...on the (very) rare occasion I would get out of hand as a kid, my dad would always have a way on getting me back in line. That being said, it must be odd to have your own son as your boss. Still, when your own son disparages an entire state of US citizens it begs for intervention. Monte - it's time for a Kiffin Family Heart to Heart....a trip to the weeping willow in the backyard to get his own switch...or at least a heartfelt apology to him for naming him Lane.
  • Mackie has an update on those things we shall not mention...that evidently he's brave enough to post right at the end of UGAs spring break and the football team having a week off...and he claims not to be superstitious...
  • Bernie will only officially state that he is satisfied with the way the Fulmer Cup standings are right now.
  • Lastly, bulldoginexhile reminds me that this year's BernieDay will be legendary in proportions only OSU coach Mike Gundy could understand. Getting old sucks, having to make extra trips to the bathroom bites, but having a ringtone available to the masses of your I'm a man! I'm FORTY! tirade is where the party begins.

The King's Quote of the Week:

The Set up - After news of the Geno Hayes stabbing broke, Chuck and Chernoff took some calls. It quickly turned into recounts of personal experiences from Atlanta area men who had been in domestic incidents with their used to be significant others. One caller actually seemed to be on his way home from meeting with Cordell and Cordell after having to call Gwinnett's finest on his wife. Seems she had chased her Natty Ice with tequila the night before and had decided to dance with the kitchen scissors. 

To which Oliver mumbled.... "This is the worst advertisement for white people ever."

Slow week I know, Reader. Things will pick up next week when Spring Practice begins on Tuesday, undoubtedly CMRs way of saying Happy St. Patty's Drills!

Have a nice weekend!



Anonymous said...

Regretfully, there are no cool ring tones to be made of me. I am a man and I am forty though...

Bernie said...

Although Coach Gundy doesn't regret his tirade, let's hope he regrets his Athletic Office scheduling the Dawgs come Labor Day weekend.

Enjoy your book and bourbon tonight... ; )

Mackie said...

Corrections to be noted:

I am an extremely superstitious person.

What I claim NOT to be is an intelligent THAT I will readily admit.

But here's hoping (with all fingers crossed) we don't have any (occurences that shall not be named) over Spring Break. I think it would be a huge story considering we all know what everyone did last Summer.

Bernie said...

I am not a smart man...

But you Mackie, are a brave one. I nearly pulled the trigger on a similar post this week, but didn't have the guts.

I'm not saying I won't curse at you should "some" story surface about "something" that happened this week. I'm just saying you're brave.

Mackalicious ladies and gents...the blawgosphere's "PILOT"....